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6 Odd Items Stolen by Thieves

You may expect burglars to steal expensive jewelry or an entertainment system—but thieves aren’t always after the most obvious items. In fact, thieves have stolen everything from family pets to maple syrup. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to get the details.

  1. Refrigerators and Other Large Home Appliances

In New Orleans in late 2015, a man was caught on camera breaking into a home to steal a refrigerator. Amazingly, the theft took only minutes to accomplish—the thief drove his truck to the back door, kicked the door in, and emerged after only a few minutes with the large fridge, which he quickly maneuvered into the back of his truck.

  1. Family Pets

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous thieves don’t break into homes to steal possessions—they break in with the main purpose of stealing your pet. Thieves turn a profit by stealing cats and dogs and then reselling them to innocent people who don’t realize the pets are stolen and simply want a cat or dog of their own.

Cats and dogs aren’t the only pets determined thieves can break in to steal. Burglars have been known to take any type of pet, from parakeets to gold fish to lizards.

  1. Snakes

Along those same lines, some thieves casually stroll into pet stores and leave with exotic pets—snakes included—usually in a bag or even in their pockets. For instance, in June 2016, a thief lifted $18,000 worth of reptiles, snakes, and frozen mice. The thief even made off with 8 ball pythons, each one 18 inches long!

Fortunately, the thief was caught, and all of the pets were returned to the store.

  1. Mannequins

You might think that thieves are only after your most valuable possessions, like expensive clothing and jewelry. But in May 2016, shop owners all over Bellevue, Ontario were hit by a spate of mannequin thefts. The thief took 11 mannequins total and always left the shops’ expensive clothes behind, including a dress worth $160.

  1. Maple Syrup

Speaking of Canada, the world’s top-producing country of maple syrup has had its fair share of expensive maple syrup thefts. Many maple syrup producers store maple syrup in warehouses that, without the right security measures, are susceptible to costly thefts.

Most notably, in August 2011, three men made off with $18 million worth of maple syrup from a factory in Quebec. Three men were convicted of the crime and sentenced to jail time in February 2017.

  1. Ice Cream

Maple syrup isn’t the only sweet treat on thieves’ minds. A group of thieves in New York City stole thousands of dollars’ worth of ice cream from the city’s grocery stores during throughout 2016, upping their antics during a summer heatwave.

In response, shop owners invested in extra security systems, stopped storing pricier ice cream brands like Häagen-Dazs on shelves, and hired security guards who walked the floors. These measures didn’t deter every ice cream thief, though—some daring thieves hit the same store twice in one day, just an hour and a half apart.

Do you know of stranger items stolen from homes and businesses in your area? Please share in the comments.



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