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Trust Your Home Security to ADT Monitoring in Illinois

With over 140 years of experience, it's easy for people Illinois to see why ADT monitoring from an authorized provider is an ideal option. The innovative and easy-to-use technology you get with an ADT monitored security system is a powerful way to help protect your home.

To help keep your home monitored around-the-clock, ADT has 6 interconnected customer monitoring centers. These 6 centers are all linked, so even if one experiences a problem, you never lose service. With ADT Monitoring, you always have help keeping your home safe.

Learn the Truth about Crime in Illinois

Annual Crime Rates in Illinois

There are about 75,3992 burglaries every year in Illinois, according to the FBI unified crime report. How the burglary rate compares to other crimes changes from year to year. While these change, the need to feel safe doesn't. With the help of home security systems, a sense of control and safety is possible for Illinois residents.

  • Property Crime-343,989 occurences
  • Larceny Theft-2,097 occurences
  • Burglary-75,399 occurences
  • Motor Vehicle Theft-1,020 occurences

Your Chances of Being a Victim of a Home Invasion in Illinois

1 in 143. These are your odds that your home will be broken into this year, according to national FBI data. Every 14.4 seconds another burglary occurs in America. Homeowners in Illinois with security systems are 3 times less likely3 to experience a home invasion. Their chances are closer to 1 in 429. Security systems are an easy and effective way to help protect your home.

Yearly average cost
of burglaries for Illinois*:

Burglaries Cost You More Than You May Know

Illinois residents can afford to have a monitored home security system. Over $165,000 is taken every year in home burglaries in Illinois homes. In what way does this affect you? You stand to lose $2,200 if you are burglarized.

Yearly average cost
of burglaries for Illinois*:



2. FBI Uniform Crime Reports, 2011

3. Simon Hakim, Temple University, quoted by Elizabeth Chang, An Alarming Trend, The Washington Post, Nov 14, 1999

4. U.S. Department of Justice, 1999

Which Illinois Cities Have the Lowest Car Theft Rates?

What's the 411 on Car Theft?

Car theft has trended downward in the past ten years—especially in these cities—thanks to city-wide surveillance, anti-theft devices, and neighborhood watch programs. As car theft evolves, though, it’s just as important to keep car owners up to date on common sense safety and preventative measures (such as not leaving a key fob in the car).

Traditionally, car thieves targeted older vehicles because outdated technology made them easy for thieves to break into without triggering alarms. But other criminals—hackers—go for newer vehicles. It’s easy for hackers to steal or take control of connected or self-driving cars since their computer-based systems have loopholes.

inforgraphic of car theft inforgraphic of car theft


We analyzed motor vehicle thefts per 1,000 people using 2018 FBI Crime data in cities with a population above 25,000 that accurately reported their data (according to the FBI).