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“The technician was on time, very knowledgeable, helped me make some solid choices on equipment and walked me step-by-step on the use of the security system. Thumbs up!! I would recommend ADT."

— Peter S, New Mexico

"Excellent job thank you"

— Henry P, New Hampshire

"Excellent job, I think it is rather costly. for installation I think ,I over budgeted as retired person."

— Suzanne Y, Alabama

"Great product. Very safe and convenient."

— Princess K, California

"Didn’t tell customer the true about the service they provide."

— Reginal C, Florida

"I’ve always been a fan of ADT. Have used the system for years and brought it with me every time I have moved!!"

— Antonietta G, Idaho

"Technician was very helpful and patient working out some kinks in the existing system of the house we purchased. Got us up and running! Thankful for his dedication to make it right."

— William J H, Indiana

"Have only had system for 2 weeks. Easy to use and effective. Only problem is when in "Away" mode the motion sensor picked up our 13 pound cat jumping up on a desk close by...THREE times! Needs sensitivity adjustment. Police, however, did come each time, so it does indeed work. Not sure why I needed a motion sensor if none of the door/window connections were broken?"

— Scott H, Washington

"Good service."

— Lori C, South carolina

"Technician was professional and knowledgeable. He was also forth coming and willing to work with my family and me. He was efficient and did not pressure us into anything additional we didn’t need."

— Jillian L, Illinois

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Trust Your Home Security to ADT Monitoring in New York

ADT can be trusted to help protect your home in New York because it is America's number one security provider. With an ADT monitored security system, you get around the clock professional monitoring for an easy to use system.

ADT has 4 interconnected customer monitoring centers that provide monitoring for your home 24-hours a day. These 4 centers are all linked, so even if one experiences a problem, you never lose service. Your home is always better off with the help of ADT.

Learn the Truth about Crime in New York

Annual Crime Rates in New York

Because of the FBI unified crime report, we know that New York falls victim to about 64,9732 burglaries every year. The burglary rate changes each year. Even though that's true, something that doesn't change is needing a sense of safety and security. This explains why a lot of people in New York install home security systems.

  • Property Crime-376,161 occurences
  • Larceny Theft-16,715 occurences
  • Burglary-64,973 occurences
  • Motor Vehicle Theft-3,054 occurences

Your Chances of Being a Victim of a Home Invasion in New York

Did you know that 74.5% of all burglaries are in private residences? A break-in happens every 14.4 seconds in America. The chances you will experience a break-in this year about 1 in 143, based on national crime data. There's one simple thing you can do to make your chances closer to 1 in 429. Get a monitored security system in New York. Studies have shown that burglars are 3 times less likely3 to break into a home with a security system.

Yearly average cost
of burglaries for New York*:

Burglaries Cost You More Than You May Know

If you're living in New York, you can afford to have a monitored home security system. But if price is still a concern for you, consider this: each year, more than $140,800 is stolen from New York homes. Want to know what this means for you? If your home is robbed, this means you stand to lose $2,200.

Yearly average cost
of burglaries for New York*:



2. FBI Uniform Crime Reports, 2011

3. Simon Hakim, Temple University, quoted by Elizabeth Chang, An Alarming Trend, The Washington Post, Nov 14, 1999

4. U.S. Department of Justice, 1999

Where Are the Safest Places to Attend College in New York?

Part of living securely is being aware of crime and safety trends in your area. If your teen leaves for college soon or you’re headed there yourself, check out the most recent data on the safest college campuses in New York (plus, see candidates from other states in our annual report*).

Interesting Findings

  • Big cities sometimes get a reputation for high crime rates, but New York City has the third-lowest violent crime rate and the lowest property crime rate of the 12 New York college hometowns that made our list.
  • On the other end of the safety spectrum, University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology fall among the worst 15 nationally for the most reports of violence against women (also known as VAWA).
  • The FBI and U.S. Department of Education compile these numbers using self-reported data by schools and cities nationwide, so their reports may not show the whole picture (e.g., some colleges may not report data, even if their rates are low). Before deciding where to go to school, you should thoroughly research the potential risks you’ll face at each school and the campus resources that may help you handle them.


To determine New York’s safest college campuses, we pulled hate crime rates and VAWA rates from the U.S. Department of Education’s Campus Safety and Security report, plus violent crime and property crime in each college town from the FBI Uniform Crime Report.

We then scored and ranked each school, weighting hate crimes and VAWA at 80% and city crimes at 20% (violent crime 15%, property crime 5%) of the total score. We weighted city crime trends less heavily since colleges can’t control or answer for crime rates beyond campus.

A total of 22 New York colleges made our final rankings, based on their adherence to three criteria: they had two- or four-year degrees available, a total enrollment of at least 5,000 students, and sufficient campus and city crime data to report.

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