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How to Protect Your Rental Property

Protect Your Rental Property with Proper Security

Buying property is one of the best ways to invest and get a return on your money. If you’re stepping into the real estate world hoping for a safe investment, be aware that safety, financial or otherwise, won’t come easily. In fact, the US Department of Justice found that “households living in rental properties experienced


Can Home Security Improve Your Health?

Your home's security affects your health.

When it comes to good health practices, some things never change. Drink water. Eat a balanced diet. Exercise. Get vaccinated. But how many of us have our own theories about how to kill a fever or relieve a migraine? There are plenty of home remedies and wives’ tales out there, and the last thing this


Top Family Guard Dogs by State

Americas Favorite Guard Dog Breeds

Man’s best friend. The beast at the threshold. A member of the family. A family dog can be a very effective addition when seeking to secure your home and loved ones. But which dog breeds are most effective at helping to keep burglars at bay? At Your Local Security, an ADT Premier Authorized Provider, we


What Is America Worried About? The Most Googled Safety Issues Fueling Your State’s Concerns

We look to Google® for everything we’re anxious about. Google holds all the answers—so why not flip those search queries to figure out what the American people are worried about? Discovering the issues that Americans search for on Google could tell us what each state values and finds important. It could also predict what problems


Property Crime Was the Top Reported Criminal Act in the U.S. Last Year [New Report]

It’s inconvenient and frustrating when a thief takes off with your new bike or a burglar finds a weak spot in your side entrance and steals your high-def TV. Unfortunately, according to reported crime totals, property crimes like these are the #1 most reported crimes in the U.S.—by far. In fact, in 2015-2016, there were


Everybody Scream: America’s Biggest Phobias

When you invest in a home security system, you’re taking steps to quell any fears you might have about home intrusion or property theft. Worried about someone entering through the second-story attic? Add window sensors. Concerned a burglar might try to pick the lock to the front door? Install a keyless door lock. But what


7 Awesome Tech Tools to Keep Kids Safe Online

When you can’t get your kids to stop texting at dinner, technology seems more foe than friend. But if you think new technology only widens the gap between you and your kids, think again—a variety of apps, some a few years old and some brand new, give parents excellent tools to build trust with their


Safest College Campus By State

In a perfect world, academics and career goals could be your top priority in choosing a university. However, safety—or the lack thereof—is fast becoming a determining factor for future students and their parents and guardians. You’ve already seen articles ranking college safety nationwide, so in this article we decided to break that ranking down by


Home Safety Tips When Hiring Service People

You need a professional to help you with home repairs or renovation, but in most cases, hiring a professional means hiring a stranger. If the prospect frightens you, don’t worry—you can take steps to ensure the professional you invite inside is trustworthy. Follow these tips to keep your home and family safe. Hire Honest Professionals


5 Ways to Avoid Dangerous Security Scams

In a perfect world, you could trust any salesperson who came to your doorstep. Unfortunately, not everyone who approaches you with a good bargain is exactly who they seem. Every summer, homeowners fall victim to home security system scams and lose hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars to fake salespeople. In a worst-case scenario, a


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