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Each State’s Most Googled Phobia

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Americans are used to keeping an eye out for things that go bump in the night during October, but what about the rest of the year? From small holes to public speaking, people across the country have a wide range of phobias that keep them up at night.

Whether you avoid the circus like the plague or are scared of germs (um, like the plague), you can rest assured that you’re not alone. Read on to see how your fear stacks up state by state.

AlabamaFear of failure
AlaskaFear of failure
ArizonaFear of heights
ArkansasFear of heights
CaliforniaFear of blood
ColoradoFear of failure
ConnecticutFear of the outside
DelawareFear of flying
District of ColumbiaFear of social media
FloridaFear of blood
GeorgiaFear of blood
HawaiiFear of holes
IdahoFear of flying
IllinoisFear of blood
IndianaFear of water
IowaFear of intimacy
KansasFear of Snakes
KentuckyFear of water
LouisianaFear of water
MaineFear of germs or viruses
MarylandFear of intimacy
MassachusettsFear of failure
MichiganFear of water
MinnesotaFear of failure
MississippiFear of being alone
MissouriFear of blood
MontanaFear of people
NebraskaFear of failure
NevadaFear of blood
New HampshireFear of spiders
New JerseyFear of intimacy
New MexicoFear of holes
New YorkFear of intimacy
North CarolinaFear of water
North DakotaFear of the outside
OhioFear of failure
OklahomaFear of spiders
OregonFear of water
PennsylvaniaFear of water
Rhode IslandFear of the dark
South CarolinaFear of spiders
South DakotaFear of the outside
TennesseeFear of blood
TexasFear of blood
UtahFear of Needles
VermontFear of failure
VirginiaFear of failure
WashingtonFear of blood
West VirginiaFear of the dark
WisconsinFear of failure
WyomingFear of clowns

Freaky Findings

  • Only Montana searched for “fear of humans” the most. With the state’s wide open spaces, it’s not hard for people to stay away from each other.
  • Utah was the only state with “fear of needles” as the most searched fear—not to be confused with the Needles District in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park.
  • 6 out of 7 states who searched “fear of water” the most border a body of water. Hurricane season probably doesn’t help these residents ease their fears!

More Fearful Facts

  • “Fear of failure” is the top search in the most states in the nation, taking the #1 spot from “fear of other humans” in our 2020 report.
  • “Fear of blood” topped nine states, followed closely by fear of water in seven states.
  • “Fear of flying” decreased this year, from 7 states in 2020 to 2 states in 2021. Perhaps Americans are taking this fear head-on after being vaccinated for COVID-19!


We input the top 15 terms from our 2020 report into Google Trends and reviewed search volume over the past year to determine the most searched phobia in each state. The phobias we analyzed were:

  • Fear of being alone
  • Fear of blood
  • Fear of clowns
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of flying
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of holes
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Fear of needles
  • Fear of people
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Fear of snakes
  • Fear of spiders
  • Fear of the dark
  • Fear of water
  • Fear of germs or viruses
  • Fear of the outside
  • Fear of social media

Stay Safe from All of Your Fears

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