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The Face Your Fear Challenge Winner Has Been Selected!

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In October 2021, YourLocalSecurity set out to find one brave soul to face their biggest fear head-on. After reading through all the applications, one person with a fear of gnomes caught our eye. “I have been absolutely terrified of garden gnomes since I can remember,” shared our winner, Vicki Liston, a voice actor, video producer,


Each State’s Most Googled Phobia

Jump to: The Top Phobias in Each State The Top 5 Phobias in America Methodology Americans are used to keeping an eye out for things that go bump in the night during October, but what about the rest of the year? From small holes to public speaking, people across the country have a wide range


The Top 10 Safest Colleges in Texas

College-Bound Freshmen: See Which Colleges are the Safest in Your State in 2020 Living in Texas certainly has its perks. Between year-round warm weather,  a low cost of living, tons of post-college job opportunities, and TexMex everywhere, there are more than enough reasons to head to the Lone Star State. Beyond student-friendly rent, decent late-night


2021 Safest College Campuses in America

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Methodology Top 25 Safest College Campuses The Safest College Campuses by State For the Media Although the heat of the summer is in full force, fall is just around the corner, and that means a new wave of students will be moving to campus to start their college journeys.  While admission acceptance, major selection, and


Firework Injuries in America—Put Your Knowledge to the Test

introduces the article "how many firework injuries happen on the 4th of July"

Summer is here, which means barbecues, sunscreen, and… injuries? Unfortunately, the 4th of July regularly ranks as one of the most dangerous holidays in America, and often turns backyard barbecues into trips to the hospital. Many Americans are more than happy to accept the potential risks associated with fireworks in exchange for some summer fun,


The Safest Cities for Cyclists in 2021

Top 10 safest cities for cyclists – table Safe city highlights Methodology About In our last report on the safest cities to cycle, Davis, California, grabbed the safest city title. In 2021, things changed: some cities got a little bit safer, others let their guard down. Is your city keeping cyclists safely behind their


Your State’s Most-Searched Phobia | 2020

Each State's Most Common Fear

  Phobias are more than being scared of the dark or the occasional Daddy Long Legs. While fear is an emotional response, phobias produce anxiety strong enough to affect someone’s quality of life.  For instance, if you have a general fear of flying, you may pop some sleeping meds ahead of your trip or stock


Safest & Most Affordable Cities for Renters

  Many factors play into how safe or affordable a city is. For starters, the more popular the city, the more competitive its housing. Other things, like crime, affect a city’s rental rate, as well. Based on these factors, we wanted to know which cities in America have both the lowest rent costs and the


The Safest Colleges Campuses in America in 2020

When soon-to-be high school grads decide which college to attend, location, sports, and Greek life are huge factors. But for college students planning for that first year away from home, safety should play an equally important role. Incoming freshmen can feel better entering college when they know their campus has crime prevention measures and crisis


Each State’s Most-Searched Phobia

  You might feel jumpy around spiders or shudder suddenly when peeking over a cliff. But what gives your neighbors the heebie-jeebies?  In the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve, the safety experts at (YLS) are proud to introduce our latest installment of America’s Most-Searched Phobias. So let’s bump up the spook factor as we


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