Why Americans are Scared to Travel

by Scott Bay on March 16, 2018

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It’s no secret that hurtling in a metal tube at 600 mph, 30,000 feet into Earth’s atmosphere can make hearts race. But what else makes people’s palms sweat when planning their next vacation?

The team at Your Local Security looked at the top travel fears according to 25 travel experts, then dug into Google Search Trends data to pinpoint Americans’ biggest travel woes. Take a look at some of the most common travel fears in the US, and read on for tips on how to tame those anxieties when embarking on your next adventure.

Americans’ Top Traveling Fears:

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4 Ways to Protect Your Pets at Home

by Erica Mace on March 12, 2018

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If you’re like many other Americans, life doesn’t feel complete without a furry, feathery, or fishy friend to keep you company. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) surveyed pet owners and found that 60.2 million households own dogs, 47.1 million own cats, 15 million own fish, and 7.9 million own birds. Another 14 million own pets such as horses, lizards, or small animals.

Millions of people love their pets as much as you do. In fact, the APPA discovered an increase in the humanization of pets, with owners “feeding their pets as they do themselves, giving their pets vitamins/other supplements, and purchasing treats for their pets.”

We know keeping your pet safe is probably just as important to you as feeding them the right foods and treats, so we’ve provided four tips to help you protect your furry friend at home.

  1. Keep Them Close

You can only protect your pets physically if they stay within a designated safe area. Whether that’s a kennel, the backyard, the basement, or anywhere within the walls of your home, you’ve got to make sure your pets can’t escape and fall victim to a host of dangers out of your control.

Fish, hamster, guinea pig, and lizard owners have less to worry about since those pets tend to stay put in their cages. Keep the cage locked while you’re away, and monitor them closely when you do let them out. Dogs and cats, however, are more prone to escape, and their owners should plan accordingly.

Dr. Nicole Starinsky, a veterinarian and researcher, teamed up with two other veterinarians to study the circumstances surrounding a dog’s escape from home. They found that “dogs confined by an electronic fence were more likely to have escaped (66/150 [44.0%]) than were dogs confined by a see-through fence (153/658 [23.3%]), privacy fence (38/163 [23.3%]), or tether (22/82 [26.8%]).”

Pet owners currently using electronic fences may want to consider a more secure alternative if they wish to keep their pets from running away.


  1. Remove Physical Hazards

Does your puppy fall down the stairs? Does your cat get tangled in the drawstrings of the blinds? Watch your pet’s habits and take precautions against anything that might be dangerous if you weren’t home to come to the rescue.

If you’re not sure what else could be dangerous to your pet, the Reader’s Digest published a list of eleven underestimated household items that could pose a risk to your animal. They warn against choking hazards such as “buttons, small batteries, twist ties, and rubber bands. In the bathroom, keep hairpins, cotton swabs, and dental floss out of reach from your pet.” Even bones or sticks should be carefully selected since splintered pieces are an especially sharp choking hazard.

If your pet has outdoor or garage access, you’ll want to secure your garbage can because it contains dozens of harmful substances. Even outside the can, watch out for hidden pet poisons including cocoa mulch, some house plants, and ice melt. And no matter what the season, remember to plan any holiday decor with your pet in mind.


  1. Don’t Take Food for Granted

Your pet knows your food smells and looks better than theirs, and they’ll try just about anything to get their paws on it. You may even think you’re doing your pet a favor by sharing a delicious home-cooked meal, but you’re probably not.

The Humane Society has provided an extensive list of foods that endanger your pet to further help you protect them. You probably know to avoid chocolate and coffee grounds, but what about grapes, mushrooms, or tomato stems? Keep your pet safe by keeping your foods separate from theirs.


  1. Enlist Help

Pets are worth protecting, and so is your peace of mind. A security system with video feed or a pet monitoring system lets you keep an eye on your pet while you’re away. You can even gain remote access into your home through your phone or computer—thanks to a pet monitor camera, live video stream, and phone app—to see how your pet’s doing during the day and send help to your home if needed.

In fact, 49% of dog owners told the APPA that security is one of the primary benefits to owning a dog. Some select their pets specifically for that purpose, carefully choosing breeds that will protect their home. For dog owners like these, a security system is already in line with their priorities and makes a nice combination for protecting homes and pets.

You may not be a security enthusiast, but pet monitoring can be a handy tool if you’re concerned about an escaping cat or newly trained puppy—not to mention the unexpected incidents that any pet could experience while alone at home.


Your pet does a lot for you. It snuggles up to you when you’re tired, gives you something to talk about with friends, helps teach responsibility to your children, and distracts you from the stress of everyday life. By following the tips listed above, you’re giving back to the pet that gives you so much.

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ADT’s Advances in Home Automation

by Erica Mace on March 11, 2018

ADT Advances in Automation

How ADT is Creating Safe and Smart Homes

Boasting over 140 years of experience in the world of home security, ADT is a well-oiled machine. Approximately seven million customers depend on ADT for their safety needs, though until recently, many of those customers had to go elsewhere to create the smart home of their dreams. That’s about to change, however, thanks to ADT’s recent push to integrate home automation with its traditional security options.

Below, we talk about an app that pairs with smart home products to offer increased control and safety when you’re at home or on the move.


ADT Pulse®

This app isn’t technically new. It launched in 2013, which means it’s got five years of bug fixes and performance improvements under its belt. Now, it’s the hub of ADT home automation and allows you to control just about everything from your cellular device, tablet, computer, and other home devices.


Smart Doorbell and Surveillance Cameras

Easily one of the most popular smart home gadgets, the doorbell camera is a win for everyone. ADT partners with Ring® to bring you an HD video with night vision and a two-way speaker, making it versatile and extremely convenient.

No matter where you are, the ADT Pulse® app can pipe your voice to your front door, allowing you to see and interact with visitors. Even better, ADT Pulse® keeps a history for you, should you need to look back at any footage.

Those capabilities don’t stop at the door. ADT Pulse® also allows you to view and monitor live video feed from any of your home surveillance cameras. See something concerning? Take images of what you see or save a video clip to your portal.


Smart Lights

Automated interior and exterior lights can be easily controlled from this app. Use the scheduling tool to turn your lights on just before coming home or to mimic your habits while you’re on vacation. If you’re looking for something even more flexible, try dimming the lights in certain rooms using your phone.


Smart Door Locks and Garage Door

Thanks to the Kwikset SmartCode lock, the ADT Pulse® app can communicate with your front, back, or side door at any time, from anywhere. The Kwikset lock features an illuminated keypad, a 128-bit security encryption, and several finishes to add to aesthetic appeal. Use it to let people into your house when you’re not there, or receive notifications when individuals with the code enter the house.


Smart Thermostat

This feature is even smart for your utility bills because it lets you control your home’s temperature more easily. With the Nest® Learning Thermostat, your HVAC system discerns your preferred temperatures at certain times of the day. It auto-tunes the temperature, keeps record of your energy usage, and even suggests what temperature is most energy efficient.


Whether you’re looking for home security, home automation, or an on-the-go safety net, ADT has something to offer. Take a look and see if ADT Pulse or any of the associated products could be your way into a safe, smart home.

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