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Safest & Most Dangerous Metro Areas for Trick or Treating

  Want a Treat instead of a Trick on Halloween this year? The team at (YLS) did some research to determine which US metro areas are the safest to take your costume-cloaked kiddos around the neighborhood with their pumpkin pails in 2018. The team analyzed four data points—percent of trick-or-treaters, pedestrian car deaths, violent


Yikes! America’s Top-Searched Phobias in 2018

As Halloween quickly approaches, the team at the home security site, (YLS), sought to mark this ghoulish holiday by releasing our second-annual report revealing America’s top-searched phobias. After all, people love to be scared. Our 2017 report showed that the top 5 most-searched phobias in America were the fear of the unknown, fear of


Crime Trends in the US: Which 50 Cities Have the Most Dramatic Changes


Which US cities are getting more dangerous over time? Which are getting safer? The team at YLS tracked down FBI crime trends from 2006 to 2016 to determine which US cities have seen the sharpest increases and decreases in crime over the past ten years. Check out the below crime map to see how your


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