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Trust Your Home Security to ADT Monitoring in North Carolina

When you have ADT monitoring, you know you have the best help to protect your North Carolina home. With over 140 years of experience in the security industry, ADT certainly knows what it's doing. Now you have an understanding why ADT is trusted by over 6 million Americans.

ADT uses its 6 interconnected customer monitoring centers to help ensure you have constant monitoring. Your home will always have a center looking out for it because all 4 of them are linked. Not even a power outage can stop ADT from helping to protect your home.

Learn the Truth about Crime in North Carolina

Annual Crime Rates in North Carolina

You deserve to feel safe at home. The FBI unified crime report goes over some of the crimes that happen in North Carolina, but one that stands out is that there are more than 102,6902 burglaries here every year. So it only makes sense that people in North Carolina trust home security systems to help keep them safe.

  • Property Crime-328,719 occurences
  • Larceny Theft-47,320 occurences
  • Burglary-102,690 occurences
  • Motor Vehicle Theft-7,945 occurences

Your Chances of Being a Victim of a Home Invasion in North Carolina

Did you know that 74.5% of all burglaries are in private residences? A break-in happens every 14.4 seconds in America. According to data reported by the FBI, your chances of experiencing a break-in this year are about 1 in 143. However, you can decrease your odds to as much as 1 in 429 by getting a monitored security system in North Carolina. Studies have shown that burglars are 3 times less likely3 to break into a home with a security system.

Yearly average cost
of burglaries for North Carolina*:

Burglaries Cost You More Than You May Know

You shouldn't hesitate to get a home security system because of the expense. What you lose in a burglary will typically cost much more than yearly monitoring. Burglaries get costly. The average amount taken from homes in North Carolina each year is over $224,400. And you stand to lose $2,200 if your home is robbed, which could potentially cover about 5 years of basic monitoring.

Yearly average cost
of burglaries for North Carolina*:



2. FBI Uniform Crime Reports, 2011

3. Simon Hakim, Temple University, quoted by Elizabeth Chang, An Alarming Trend, The Washington Post, Nov 14, 1999

4. U.S. Department of Justice, 1999

safest college campuses NC header safest college campuses NC header

Studying in North Carolina? Find out which college campuses are the safest.

As students make their way back to campus, one of the many concerns of college life may be safety. With schedules to create, books to get, and majors to select, we at hit the books (and the data)—so you don’t have to—and assembled the top ten safest schools in North Carolina.

Keep reading to find out if your new school ranks at the top, interesting information about the results, and crime rates that were low enough to make the cut. Looking for extra credit? Check out our top 25 safest schools across America.

safest college campuses in NC safest college campuses in NC


To determine the safest colleges in each state, we analyzed Uniform Crime Report and Campus Safety and Security data for schools that meet the following criteria:

  • 5,000+ students enrolled
  • Two- or four-year degrees offered
  • Public, private, or non-profit institution

For the three crime factors, the rate reported has been compared against the population per 1,000 people within the city limits. The lower the rate, the lower the number of crimes reported in that category:

  • Violent crimes per 1,000 people
  • Property crimes per 1,000 people
  • Hate and VAWA (crimes against women) crimes per 1,000 people

Interesting Findings

  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Elon University each scored a low violent crime rate. UNC-Chapel Hill scored a 0.9 per 1,000 people, and EU scored a 0.7.
  • Not only did Elon University score low for violent crimes, but it also reported low property crime at 6.7.
  • Our number one school, North Carolina Central University, scored the lowest in all three crime categories, with the highest being a property crime rating of 38.1 per 1,000 people.
  • They may be known as the Blue Devils, but Duke University takes student safety seriously with programs that include Travel Risk Management and Sexual Misconduct guidelines.
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  • You must be a resident of North Carolina
  • You must be accepted into or currently enrolled at an accredited college, university, or graduate program in the United States.
  • You must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
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  • Write an essay of 300–400 words, or create a video 2–3 minutes long, that answers a prompt from the application page
  • Attach your latest high school or college transcript
  • Submit both documents on the application page
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  • The $1,000 winnings can be applied to tuition, books, or other college expenses
  • The award will be made payable directly to the recipient’s educational institution
  • Winners will be notified by email in June 2020