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ADT Burglar Alarms

Stop intruders in their tracks with your ADT monitored home security burglar alarm system.

Get More than Just Protection—Get Prevention

What do burglars fear most? Getting caught. That’s why when you invest in an ADT monitored burglar alarm package from SafeStreets, you get much more than just a simple burglar alarm. You’ll receive a full, state-of-the-art system monitored by America’s most-trusted name in home security: ADT.

With six 24-hour monitoring centers nationwide, count on ADT burglar alarm monitoring for a fast response from a real person—not a pre-recording or machine—every time a home burglar alarm goes off. And if a burglar does somehow manage to make off with your valuables, you are protected by the ADT theft protection guarantee, which pays up to $500* toward your homeowners insurance deductible. Speak with a qualified security specialist today to get your FREE home security estimate.

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Home security deters burglars

0 million

In 2017, over 1.8 million people were victims of a household burglary.

Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics (p. 13)

What Happens When Your Burglar Alarm Goes Off?

Unlike other burglar alarm companies, which offer devices that merely make a loud noise when tripped, ADT monitored burglar alarms, installed by SafeStreets, connect with your home security system’s control panel via wireless technology, quickly sounding the alarm and contacting a 24-hour ADT monitoring center for help.

1. Signal sent to a 24-hour ADT monitoring center

2. A trained ADT monitoring representative contacts you to see if you need help

3. Your ADT monitoring representative contacts local first responders if needed

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a burglar alarm do?

Burglar alarms come in many shapes and sizes, some monitored by live security professionals and some not. Whether or not they’re monitored, pretty much all burglar alarms have a loud siren that goes off when tripped, alerting you of a potential intruder and deterring them from entering your home.

Monitored burglar alarm systems are preferable to unmonitored systems, because they alert someone (usually a trained professional at a monitoring center) who can call to make sure you’re safe and contact emergency first responders if needed.

How many decibels is a residential burglar alarm?

That all depends on the system or devices you’re using. ADT monitored alarm systems measure at 85 decibels, which is loud enough to be heard virtually anywhere in most homes.

How long do burglar alarms go off for?

Different burglar alarms and home security systems may go off for different lengths of time.

If you have an ADT monitored burglar alarm system, however, you will usually be contacted by an ADT monitoring representative within 10 seconds after your alarm goes off. Your representative will ask for your password to verify your identity, and confirm whether they need to contact emergency responders on your behalf.

Why is my ADT monitored burglar alarm system beeping?

Usually, when this happens, it indicates there’s been a power outage or your system’s backup battery is running low. Refer to your system’s user manual for instructions on how to turn it off and replace your backup battery, or contact ADT for further help.

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