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Security Fits on Your Keychain with the Key Fob Remote

Carry Security with You Wherever You Go

With the wireless key fob from ADT, you can arm or disarm your monitored system or alert an ADT monitoring center for help in just seconds with the included panic button.

The security key fob is small and light enough that you can attach it to your keychain, place it in your purse, or clip it to your belt, and get the sense of comfort that comes when you have control of your home security system at your fingertips.

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How It Works

Your wireless keychain remote control from ADT comes equipped with a short-range radio transmitter. Each button sends a coded signal to your ADT monitored security system’s control panel, which then interprets the signal and performs a specific action depending on which button you press. With an optimal range of 15 to 60 feet, you can arm or disarm your security alarm or activate your system’s panic function from virtually anywhere in your home—even your garage!

Why a Key Fob?

Similar to an automotive key fob that locks or unlocks your car doors, the security fob helps lock or unlock your ADT monitored home security system, without you having to enter your PIN on the control panel. Small enough to fit in your pocket, you can use your keychain remote inside or outside your home to call for help in the event of an emergency, even if you can’t reach your control panel or your phone.

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24/7 ADT Monitoring—Always at Your Service

Each ADT monitored home security package comes standard with 24-hour monitoring by real people, not robots. This means when you call—every time you call—you’ll get a quick answer from an actual person, not a recording, and they’ll stay on the line with you until your issue is resolved. Landline and wireless CellGuard® monitoring packages available.


ADT Key Fob Features

Key Fob


Wirelessly communicates with your ADT monitored security system for complete control


Simple button design is easy to understand and helps reduce false alarms


Compact and lightweight; includes 4 programmable buttons and wearable belt clip


Scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and designed to hold up to everyday wear and tear


433-MHz technology delivers a strong, consistent signal you can count on


Included lithium ion battery promotes long life for daily or extended use


1.2 Million

From 2003 to 2007, there were roughly 3.7 million household burglaries. Of these, 28 percent occurred while a family member was in the home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the buttons on the key fob do?

Your key fob from ADT offers four programmable buttons. Each button has a push-and-hold feature with a three- to five-second delay to help prevent false alarms from accidental button pushes while you carry it in your pocket or purse.

These four programmable buttons include:

  1. Stay

    Arms your ADT monitored home security system while you are at home

  2. Away

    Arms your ADT monitored home security system while you are away from home

  3. Unlock

    Disarms your ADT monitored home security system in or outside your home

  4. Panic

    Immediately contacts one of six ADT monitoring centers nationwide in the event of an emergency

How do I test my key fob?

You can quickly and easily test your key fob by testing your ADT monitored home security system. To do this, log in to your account at Select the tab titled My Alarm, then choose Systems Management from the menu. From there, simply click or tap on Test System.

Where can I get a key fob?

The best way to get your own alarm key fob is to purchase an ADT monitored home security system from a licensed retailer. Call 1-833-649-1502 today to speak with an ADT-authorized home security specialist and to learn more about current ADT promotions and discounts.