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ADT Monitored Doorbell Camera

Carefully screen visitors and prevent potential theft with a high-tech, intuitive video doorbell.

ADT Camera Features That Ring All the Right Bells

You’ll never have to guess who’s at the door again—with the ADT monitored wireless doorbell camera, surprises are a thing of the past. Your doorbell camera system is equipped with cutting-edge features that eliminate the mystery of unexpected visitors and keep you aware of who’s showing up on your doorstep.

Smarter Security

  • Motion-detecting technology
  • 2-way microphone for direct communication
  • Full 180º field of vision

Flexibility and Control

  • Remotely accept packages
  • Stop potential intruders in their tracks
  • Answer your door without opening it

Visual Evidence

  • Records in 720p HD quality
  • Clips help police catch culprits and recover property
  • Night vision ensures 24/7 video surveillance

Answer the Door—from Your Smartphone

If you’ve ever had to chase down a package because you weren’t home to sign for it, a doorbell video camera could change that forever. If you are home, you can avoid visitors you’d rather not see without even getting up from the couch. And if you’re not home, you can chat with your visitors without having to catch up through text or phone calls later—or you could even warn unwelcome visitors.

Defend Your Doorstep

More than a convenient way to answer the door, the video doorbell is also a reliable front door security camera. Its motion-sensing feature alerts you when a visitor hasn’t rung the doorbell but is just loitering or trying to case your home. And with the intercom effect of the camera, you might be able to take them completely off guard by yelling at them to leave your property. Plus, if you call 911 right away and give police the video evidence, it may help them investigate and even convict more effectively.

Front Door


Burglars aren’t always subtle—34% of them break in through the front door.

Source: A Secure Life

Pair with the Smart Lock to Expand the Doorbell’s Range

When the visitors at your door are friendly ones, adding the smart lock to your doorbell security camera can turn the whole ensemble into a hospitality or childcare device.

  • Remotely unlock the deadbolt for your child, babysitter, dogwalker, or friend who beat you home
  • Create and manage up to 30 individualized unlock codes for specific visitors


ADT Doorbell Camera Features

App Controlled

Using your home Wi-Fi, this smart door camera sends video up to the cloud and down to your iPhone, Android, or computer.

Recognizes Humans

This motion sensor doorbell can tell the difference between plants swaying and a person approaching your front door.

HD Quality

Recording in 720p makes it easier to see faces, license plate numbers, and other visual clues that could help police.

Clear Night Vision

Nighttime rules out color recording, but the advanced infrared sensor captures the same definition of a daylight recording.

No Blind Spots

With a 180° field of vision, your camera can see anyone approaching, even if they try to sneak along the side of the house unseen.


The IP65-rated casing protects the camera and microphone not only from rogue sprinklers but also from serious rainfall.

Product Specifications

Doorbell Camera Specs
  • Video Quality

    720p HD, Infrared night vision, Motion-activated

  • Audio

    Two-way microphone, Built-in noise reduction

  • Power

    Hardwired (8-24 VAC)

  • Connectivity

    Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz)

  • Operating Conditions

    -4–122°F (-20–50°C), Weather resistant

  • Smartphone Compatibility

    Apple iOS 10.X or higher, Android 4.4 or higher

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a monthly fee for the ADT doorbell camera?

There are no additional monthly fees to use the ADT front door camera. The doorbell is either included as the camera of choice in your selected monthly plan or purchased separately.

What is a video doorbell?

A video doorbell (or doorbell camera) combines advanced surveillance technology with a traditional doorbell to increase the security of your home. Typically, the motion-triggered camera records movement indicating the approach of a visitor. The doorbell is connected to your home security system and notifies you (through a digital control pad or smartphone app) if someone is at the door. A wireless video doorbell allows you to check your video feed and communicate with visitors from anywhere.

How noticeable is an ADT monitored smart doorbell camera?

The ADT monitored doorbell camera from ADT is designed to carefully strike a balance between noticeable and discreet. Because potential burglars are more likely to be deterred if they see a doorbell security camera on your property, the camera on the ringer is indeed visible. However, it is also tamper-proof to prevent damage and fashionably streamlined to fit with most home aesthetics.