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Home Security Cameras from Protect Your Home

Cameras keep watch, even when you can’t.

Security cameras have your back 24/7

When you’re between meetings at work, out on an errand, or hitting the road on holiday, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is whether things are under control at home. A home security camera system that communicates with your ADT-monitored security system is the perfect solution for increased security and convenience. With ADT’s industry-leading 24/7 monitoring, remote system control, and cloud-based surveillance HD cameras from Protect Your Home, you can leave your home security to the pros.

IP Cameras vs. Cloud-Based Camera Systems from Protect Your Home

IP Security Camera System

Internet-protocol (IP) cameras are internet-based security cameras that use a Wi-Fi signal to receive and transmit data. This type of surveillance camera system lets IT-savvy folks customize their home networks, but without the backing of cloud infrastructure, IP systems can’t support mobile access and are more vulnerable to hacking.

Cloud-Based Camera Systems from Protect Your Home

A cloud-based camera system, the type offered by Protect Your Home, uses a cloud network to receive, transmit, and store data. Cloud-based camera systems add an extra layer of security and viewing ease, since users store their data through a centralized, secure server and can access video footage right from their phones.

Security Simplified: ADT Cloud-Based Surveillance Storage

Do you use cloud technology to backup your smartphone data? Now you can use it to secure your surveillance camera data, too. Protect Your Home cameras operate using a cloud-based video surveillance system, so you can quickly view live security camera footage, store your data on a secure, centralized network, and worry less about running out of space or experiencing a system hack.



When a home is equipped with a surveillance camera, 60% of burglars seek an alternative target.

Source: UNC Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology

The Best Kind of House Sitter: Indoor Security Cameras

Rest easy with a home security camera system on the job around the clock. Sync as many indoor video surveillance cameras as you’d like and toggle between them on your smartphone to view your home from multiple angles. Plus, whenever motion is detected, your security camera records a video clip and sends you a quick notification. It’s that simple.

  • 720p HD security camera
  • Motion-detected video clips
  • Sync multiple cameras for maximum coverage
  • View footage on mobile device


ADT Video Doorbell Camera: See Who’s At The Door From Virtually Anywhere

An ADT Video Doorbell isn’t your grandmother’s doorbell. Equipped with an HD security camera, 180-degree wide-angle lens, LED night vision, and smartphone integration, an ADT Video Doorbell Camera, as part of an ADT-monitored home security system, allows you to clearly see who’s on your front porch (and whether they’re friend or foe) from anywhere you have cell service. You can even speak to your visitor using the convenient 2-way voice feature. Maximize your smart security camera by combining it with an ADT-monitored smart lock to unlock the door for a delivery person, let in the kids from school, or lock up after the dog walker.

  • 720p HD security camera
  • 180-degree viewing angle
  • Weatherproof design
  • Mobile access and alerts


View Footage From Your Smartphone with ADT Pulse® App

Whether you want to check in on Fido or see who’s at your doorstep, Protect Your Home cameras integrate seamlessly with the ADT PulseⓇ app and your ADT-monitored system for on-the-go security. That means with the right package from Protect Your Home, you can remotely arm or disarm your system, turn down your smart thermostat, secure your smart locks, or turn off that hallway smart light—all from the device already at your fingertips.

  • View live and recorded video footage from your smartphone
  • Customize notifications
  • Remotely change any setting
  • Complete smart home integration


ADT Pulse® + Video Package

Starting at $58.99/mo

24/7 Security Monitoring

Smartphone Control + Alerts

Supports Cloud-Based Video Storage

HD Security Camera Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remotely view my security cameras?

With an ADT Pulse® + Video package, you can view live video footage from your smartphone. From your dashboard on the ADT Pulse® app, swipe left and right to view each of your security cameras or click the “expand” logo to view them full size.

How do I install my security cameras?

Protect Your Home, an ADT Authorized Premier Provider, offers professional installation starting at $99. To install your new ADT-monitored security system, dial 1-855-215-6243 and a representative will help schedule your installation date. Same-day installation is even available in some areas, so call today!

Where do I place security cameras?

Anywhere you please! An ADT Pulse® + Video Package allows you to sync multiple indoor cameras, so you may choose to display them overtly or discreetly or opt for a customized combo of your choice. Once you’ve set them up, you can view each angle from your smartphone for added convenience.

How do I purchase security cameras?

It’s a snap. Just call 1-855-215-6243, and a representative will help set you up with the security cameras fit for your unique needs.

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