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Get Alerted the Moment a Window Breaks

Enhance entry protection with ADT-monitored glass break sensors.

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Windows Are Easier to Break Than Doors

Windows Are Easier to Break Than Doors

Windows let gorgeous natural light into your home—but if a kid can break a window with just a projectile baseball, a burglar can find a way too. Add ADT-monitored glass break sensors to your plan to get backup for your door and window sensors and supplement your overall security system. Read below to learn how the glass break sensor works and how it can help you feel safer at home.

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How the ADT-Monitored Glass Break Detector Works

The glass break detector monitors what your basic door and window opening detectors can’t—when a window is shattered rather than jimmied open. It uses two internal tools to accomplish this: a microphone, which picks up on noise or vibrations coming off the glass, and an electromechanical shock sensor, which measures physical forces applied to your windows. If these sounds or vibrations pass a certain threshold, the sensor will trigger your alarm system, notifying an ADT monitoring center immediately—and hopefully sending the burglar running.

Monitor More Than One Window at a Time

Monitor More Than One Window at a Time

The ADT glass break alarm sensor has amazing features like tamper proofing, a sophisticated electro-mechanical shock sensor, two serial numbers for backup, and reliable 433 MHz wireless communication. And on top of all this, it can monitor multiple windows at the same time—its internal sensors can pick up on disturbances to glass surfaces within a 25-foot range. For you, that translates to fewer devices cluttering your home and lower equipment costs.

How much will you save on ADT monitoring?

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Keep Tabs Yourself with the ADT Control App

Keep Tabs Yourself with the ADT Control App

If a window breaks in your home, ADT will know immediately—and with ADT Control, you will too. The ADT Control app gives you personal access to your home security system through the app or web portal, so you can monitor actions, change settings, and—most importantly—activate text and app notifications so you know if your glass break sensor triggers the alarm.

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Glass Break Sensor Features

Glass Break Sensor Features

Wide Sensor Range

No need for a sensor in every window—just one covers all glass surfaces within 25 feet.

Adjustable Sensitivity

Choose 1 of 4 settings to match your home’s natural acoustics and avoid false alarms.

Highly Versatile

This sensor successfully monitors windows of practically all sizes and types of glass.

Sophisticated Technology

Fine-tuned detection with audio monitoring and a sensitive electro-mechanical shock sensor.

Main Panel Connection

Communicates with the main panel to alert you of low battery and possible tampering.

Lithium Battery Powered

User-friendly lithium batteries ensure your sensor works even if you lose power.

Outreach Stats

A burglar’s first choice for entry is the good old front door. Their second choice? First-floor windows.

Source: A Secure Life

How much will you save on ADT monitoring?

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ADT-monitored motion sensor ADT-monitored motion sensor

Add Another Layer of Protection with Motion Sensors

Add Another Layer of Protection with Motion Sensors

ADT-monitored window break sensors and motion sensors both provide backup to door and window sensors, which often serve the first line of defense in a home security system. But instead of measuring sounds and vibrations, motion sensors capture body heat signals so they can alert you if someone gets in through an unguarded entry. Click through to learn more about top motion sensors monitored by ADT.

glass break sensor

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions

    3.25” W x 5” L x 1.25” D

  • Weight

    0.37 lbs (0.17 kg)

  • Detection range

    25’ (7.6 m) indoors

  • Acceptable temperature range

    14°–122° F (-10–50° C)

  • Operating temp

    0º C to 50º C (32º F to 122º F)

  • Power source

    Two 3V batteries

*Equipment may vary in appearance



How many ADT-monitored glass break sensors should I have?

That depends on which windows you want to monitor for glass breakage and how close together those windows are. You’ll need just one sensor for each 25-foot range you want to cover. If you’re not sure yet, you can make a best guess and adjust as needed during installation. Since each home is unique, the installation process is very flexible, and your experienced technician can help you think through the coverage you want.

How can I test my ADT-monitored glass break sensors?

Luckily, you won’t have to break your own windows to test ADT-monitored glass break sensors. That does mean that testing requires a simulator device, either one that tests audio only or one that detects audio and physical force.

Your technician will walk you through the initial test process during installation. If you want to test your glass break sensor again at a later date, grab your manual and follow the detailed instructions with the simulator device you’ve been given. No matter which test mode you use, remember that your sensor needs to be closed during testing and that test mode will automatically switch off after 5 minutes.

Where should I place my ADT-monitored glass break sensors?

Your technician will help you decide on the best place for your glass break sensors during installation. Generally, however, ADT-monitored glass break sensors are placed on the ceiling, in a spot where they can make the most of their 25-foot detection range.