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ADT Home Security Monitoring, Included with SafeStreets Plans

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Home Security Monitoring: Your Best Bet in an Emergency

An emergency doesn’t wait for a convenient time. It pays to prepare, and that’s where ADT monitoring comes in. ADT monitored security from SafeStreets adds an extra layer of safety when an emergency strikes. With more than 140 years of experience, ADT offers 24/7 security monitoring with industry-leading response times, six nationwide monitoring centers, and trained ADT monitoring professionals behind every call. No matter which package you choose, you can count on ADT’s home alarm monitoring.

Cellular vs. Landline: Monitor Your Home Your Way

Once you’ve decided to install home security monitoring, which system type should you choose: cellular or landline? A cellular connection gives you the convenience of wireless setup and remote system control with the risk of a dropped cell tower signal, while a landline offers the security of a consistent connection with the risk of wires that an intruder could cut. Whether you prefer a steady landline connection or a versatile wireless one, SafeStreets has an option for your house that suits your needs.


Perfect for those who have a Wi-Fi signal or want to manage their system on the go, a cellular-based security system uses your internet connection to offer wireless alarm monitoring. A wireless connection offers the potential for versatile equipment placement and increased security, since there are no wires for intruders to tamper with.

  • Versatile wireless connection
  • Remote system control
  • Easy installation


A landline-based alarm monitoring system uses your telephone line to connect to ADT’s security monitoring. This plan type offers the security of a consistent connection even if a cell tower goes down, making it ideal for those who already have a telephone line or want to be able to more fully rely on their connection. SafeStreets offers a residential landline connection as part of its Basic package.

  • Consistent landline connection
  • Reliable signal
  • Hardwired security

ADT Offers Six Monitoring Centers for Comprehensive Coverage

At ADT, your safety is the priority. To better help protect your house and loved ones, ADT offers six monitoring centers throughout the US to ensure an agent is always available. If one monitoring center is hit by a power outage or natural disaster, your call will be forwarded to the next available center. Trained specifically for emergencies, ADT monitoring professionals will contact you in the event of a triggered alarm and dispatch emergency personnel if needed. It’s like a security net for your alarm monitoring services.

What Happens When Your Alarm Goes Off?

You’ve got the right to know what to expect in an emergency. Here’s a play-by-play of the events that happen as soon as something triggers your ADT monitored alarm.

1. The alarm signal gets sent to an ADT monitoring center.

2. An ADT monitoring professional contacts the security system’s primary account holder.

3. Emergency professionals are dispatched if necessary.

ADT Monitoring: A Security Company You Can Trust

ADT is a name you can trust, and it’s got the accreditation to prove it. ADT is UL certified, FM approved, New York City Fire Monitoring rated, and TMA Five Diamond certified. Those prestigious accolades combined with 140+ years of industry experience make ADT one of the most trusted alarm monitoring companies in the US.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many monitoring centers does ADT have?

ADT has six monitoring centers located throughout the US to help decrease wait times and to provide redundancy in the event of a power outage or weather disturbance in one part of the country.

How long is the contract with ADT?

ADT monitoring packages require a 36-month (24-month in California) agreement for services.