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Will My Pet Trigger My Alarm?

Safety shouldn’t come with a high price tag.

Will My Pet Trigger My Alarm?

Part of protecting your home is making sure all members of your family are considered, including pets. You want to make sure your home security plan is prepared for the scampering of paws throughout your home and on your property.

Motion sensors are a smart addition to any home security system, but the presence of pets often raises concerns about false alarms. The cost savings and extra peace of mind that comes from being able to secure an entire room with the addition of one motion detector doesn’t have to be compromised just because you have a pet.

Depending on the size of your pet and the specifics of the motion sensors used, your pets may trigger a standard motion sensor or alarm. However, sensors from ADT are smart enough to tell the difference between animals and humans, making the odds of Fido triggering an alarm a lot less.

Typically any small pet that weighs less than 40 pounds will be immune to these sensors. ADT monitoring offers pet-immune motion detectors that use heat sensors to tell the difference between your four-legged friend walking around the house and a human who may or may not have any business being there.

Does that mean having a larger pet means motion sensors are off the table? Not with ADT monitoring. You can choose to take motion sensor technology to the next level with sensors that can accommodate pets weighing as much as 60 to 80 pounds.

By using a combination of technologies, these sensors can determine the movement patterns, mass, and speed of any moving object. Reading body temperature and infrared emissions also helps these sensors tell animal from human. This advanced technology means your pets can roam freely without accidentally triggering a worrisome and potentially costly alarm.

Another way to minimize the chance of a pet-triggered false alarm is to carefully select where you place motion sensors in your home. This is an instance where consulting with an installation professional can make a big difference and save you the potential headache and cost of false alarms.

No matter how many pets you have, or how large they may be, ADT monitoring likely has a motion detection solution that will work for your specific needs. Partnering with an ADT technician can help you understand your options and choose the motion detection plan that makes the most sense for you. ADT installation professionals are prepared to work with you to understand your specific needs and can come up with solutions that take your furry family members into consideration, whatever their size.