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Carry Your Security Anywhere with the ADT Control App

Your entire smart home monitoring system can easily fit into your pocket—all you need is the ADT mobile app.

What is the ADT Control App?

The ADT Control app is the safety of your ADT monitored security system and the convenience of your smart home functions wrapped up in one simple, digital bundle. True to its name, you will have complete control over every aspect of your home—from the garage door to security cameras. It’s basically a bite-sized version of your ADT Command panel, providing alerts, autonomy, and full authority over your system from virtually anywhere.

Alerts and Notifications

The ADT Control app seamlessly syncs with your security and automation system to keep you aware of what’s going on at home, whether you’re sitting on your living room couch or on vacation halfway across the world. Motion sensors, lights, security cameras, and locks are all patched into your ADT monitored alarm system, which will instantly ping the Control app if an alarm is set off at your home. You can receive notifications on your cell phone, tablet, and even a smart watch to more closely and effectively monitor any situation that arises.

  • Unexpected activity in or near your home, such as triggered motion sensors, broken windows, or opened doors
  • Power outages affecting a high percentage of other ADT app users within a 5 mile radius of your home
  • Preset zones that are left open for a previously specified amount of time
  • Smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, or extreme temperatures

Advanced Settings

The ADT Control app enables you to customize your system to fit your particular lifestyle and schedule. A user-friendly portal within the app gives you access to advanced settings and features. You’ll also be able to activate specific notifications (such as when the power goes out) and set precise schedules for certain home automations.

And that’s not all:

  • Set geo-fencing perimeters around your home
  • Create, delete, and manage ADT digital panel codes
  • Set home lights to turn on and off based on the sunrise and sunset with dawn & dusk features
  • Establish rules and schedules to create daily scenes for your home automation features

What Are the Perks of My ADT App?


  • Arm and disarm your system on the premises or remotely with Z-wave technology
  • Receive an instant alert if your system’s status changes
  • Access snapshots sent to you if anyone attempts to disarm your system

Locks & Garage Door Management

  • Location-based notifications can remind you to shut your garage door
  • Keyless entry can unlock your house if you forgot your keys
  • Simple, one-touch capabilities can set your locks on daily schedules with just a tap

Code Management

  • Easily create, delete, and manage security codes
  • Give houseguests and contractors unique, temporary system codes
  • Heighten your security system with fingerprint identification or a unique PIN

Lights & Thermostats

  • Integrated system provides remote control of home lights and thermostats
  • Smart home pairing can activate a scene that adjusts automations at certain times of the day
  • Save money on utility bills with increased control over lights and temperatures

Video Management

  • Remote access allows you to tap into your camera feed at any time
  • If someone tries to disarm the system, it can capture a snapshot or video clip
  • The latest tech lets you check your live video feed on any web-enabled smart device

Rules, Schedules, & Scenes

  • Geo-fencing tech enables you to create automations when you arrive and leave your home
  • A preset rule or scene can open your garage and turn on lights when you come home
  • The Control app lets you set a schedule for certain automations, so you can come home to comfort

TV Monitoring

  • FireTV, FireTV Stick, and Apple TV give you access to security camera video streams on your TV set
  • Your TV can screen a live feed of up to four security cameras
  • An integrated system lets you view and control any camera connected to your account

Voice Control

  • Smart home integration can pair with Amazon Alexa
  • Hands-free command gives you total control over your whole system
  • One word from you can arm your system, turn on lights, or unlock a door

Geo Services

  • Location-based smartphone automations allow for actionable alarm notifications
  • System identifies when you leave and arrive home, and adjusts the thermostat accordingly
  • Geo tech can establish a specified range for your automations

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Need to arm or disarm your ADT monitored security system? Log into your home security app from nearly anywhere and take care of it in less than a minute.

If your system’s status changes at all, such as a door unlocking or the security program disarming, your app will immediately send an alert so you can easily check in on things at home and rearm everything.

You can also set actionable, location-based reminders that send notifications to your app if you happen to leave the premises without arming your system. An unsecured home is a thing of the past thanks to the ADT Control app.


Smart Locks and Garage Door Management

Securing your home’s entrances has never been simpler. The ADT Control app gives you one-touch power to lock or unlock doors and open your garage remotely, which comes in handy if you need to let in a contractor, or a family member who forgot their key.

You can also assign user codes that only work during specific days and times directly on your ADT mobile app. If you accidentally leave your home without locking the doors or closing the garage, an actionable alert is sent to your cell phone or smart device; you’ll also receive an alert if a door is unlocked and opened without your knowledge.

All you have to do is open your Control app to check your home’s status, and push a button to re-secure it.

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Code Management

Keeping unwanted visitors out of your home is Security 101. Luckily, the ADT app gives you complete control over who has access to your house. With Control’s streamlined, consolidated setup, you can easily create, delete, and manage codes for unlocking your home or accessing your system’s digital control panel.

If you have guests staying with you, or a contractor stopping by to work on your house, you can easily create custom codes that they can use on a temporary basis (depending on dates and times that you set).

You’ll have the freedom to change any code whenever you need to, and your security app will notify you whenever a code has been used so you can verify who is using it.

Lights & Thermostats

Smart home integration gives you complete control over lights and temperatures, either from inside your house or remotely through your ADT mobile app.

If you’re out of town, you can schedule lights to turn on and off at a particular time so your home looks occupied. For your family and guests’ optimal comfort, you can easily adjust your smart thermostat from your phone.

Your Control app can also lower your energy bills. With the ability to turn lights on and off and adjust the temperature of your house with one simple tap of your smartphone, there’s no wondering if you’re wasting electricity or gas. You can also configure preset rules and scenes through your ADT home automation.


Video Management

The ADT Control app gives you full accessibility and flexibility over your whole smart home system, enabling you to check your live video feed at any time from anywhere.

Tune in to what your pup is up to while you’re at work, ensure your kids get home from school safely each day, or check recordings of unwanted visitors if a tripped alarm sensor triggers an alert.

Your app can also access snapshots and video clips of activated events, whether routine (a family member arriving home) or not (an intruder trying to gain access to your home). If unprecedented, the same alert will be sent to an ADT monitoring expert, who will then contact you to assess the situation and dispatch local authorities if needed.


Rules, Schedules, and Scenes

For maximum efficiency, safety, and convenience, you can use your ADT Control app to create and activate scenes, rules, and schedules for your home automations.

Set your lights to switch on and temperature to increase or decrease around the time you get home from work every day. Create a scene for your everyday morning routine: program your system to automatically turn on lights, unlock the back door so you can let the dog out, get the A/C or heat running, and disarm your security system so you don’t have to do it manually when you leave.

Thanks to geo-fencing technology, you can use your security app to set a rule that prompts your system to rearm itself or close your garage door when you’ve traveled beyond a preset distance from your home.


TV Monitoring

Cell phones, tablets, and smart watches aren’t the only way to access your ADT monitored security video footage.

If you own an Amazon FireTV, FireTV Stick, or a fourth-generation Apple TV, you’ll be able to not only access but control any camera connected to your ADT monitored home security system from your television set.

Once downloaded to your streaming player, the ADT Control security app allows you to view up to four cameras at once on a closed circuit so you can get a larger picture of what’s going on around your home. Even if you’re not home, you can view your video feed from any property linked through the ADT Control app.


Voice Control

Your ADT monitored smart home security system comes equipped with the latest technology.

The Control app streamlines that technology to sync with platforms like Amazon Alexa and gives you hands-free accessibility to your various smart home functions.

With a simple verbal command, you can arm your entire home security system, unlock a door for a family member who forgot their key, or dim your automated lights. You can even extend the abilities of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors using Alexa Guard.


Geo Services

Just when you thought your home security app couldn’t get any smarter, geofencing technology uses location awareness through a smartphone to manage your system based on your proximity to home.

Your ADT monitored system’s geo capabilities allow you to set locations and distance ranges that trigger remote notifications and pre-established rules via your ADT Control app. For instance, if you leave your home without arming your security system, you’ll receive an actionable notification as soon as you’re out of the predetermined range.

You can even program your garage door to open and your lights to turn on as soon as you pull into your driveway, all with the touch of a button on your ADT app.


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