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ADT’s CMO Thrilled by Employees on Undercover Boss

On Friday, April 12, ADT Security Services Chief Marketing Officer Tony Wells appeared on the hit television show, Undercover Boss. The show features bosses who disguise themselves and work among their employees in order to gain insights into what’s happening on a company’s ground level. Wells posed as a contestant on a reality show who wanted to start his own home security business, and he gained insights into many aspects of ADT as a company. He also ended up giving a huge surprise to one of the company’s dedicated employees at the end of the show.

First, Wells headed to Union City, New Jersey where he met with a sales manager named Matt. In his trainings with Matt, Wells learned a thing or two about sales training. After some extensive one-on-one workshops, Wells realized that Matt’s training was much better than the sales modules that ADT was currently using, which was a huge epiphany. After meeting with Matt, Wells met up with a sales representative named Mike, who also worked hard and went out of his way to help Wells understand how to talk to people in a polite and enthusiastic manner.

After meeting with sales experts in New Jersey, Wells headed out to Florida, where he installed security systems with a technician named Jesus. Jesus showed Wells how to properly and carefully install security systems without any shortcuts and how be respectful toward customers. Jesus said, “This is somebody else’s house and you’ve got to respect their home.” Jesus even rejected how Wells installed a system because he cut corners and did not properly install a control panel. Wells was impressed by the exceptional service that Jesus gave to every customer.

In talking with Jesus, Wells was impressed by his dedication to ADT and concerned about his financial and personal struggles. Jesus was working long hours, barely scraping by with an 18-month old daughter at home. Despite his hard work, Jesus often had to make cash advances just to pay rent each month. In a touching turn of events at the end of the show, Wells gives Jesus $10,000 as an education fund for his daughter and another $25,000 to help support his family and move into “the house of their dreams,” as described by Jesus.

Overall, Wells was delighted by his experience on Undercover Boss and was happy with how the employees went above and beyond for customers. Not all Undercover Boss experiences are as sunny as this one, and Wells is lucky to have such competent and courteous employees. This enlightening episode of the show highlighted ADT’s exceptional customer service and concern for its employees.


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