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Monitored Fire Alarms

Smoke Alarm

Feel Safer with Fire Alarm and 
Smoke Alarm Monitoring

Help protect your loved ones and your home with a monitored fire alarm system from SafeStreets, an ADT Authorized Provider. With ADT monitored home fire alarms, the system goes beyond chirping smoke detectors, as ADT's 24/7 monitoring centers alert you and your local fire department at the first signs of fire in your home.

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What Happens When an Alarm Goes Off?

When you’re not home to hear your smoke detector go off—or even when you are—ADT has your back. If your ADT monitored fire alarm goes off, you can trust the six 24/7 monitoring centers are on guard

1. Alarm signal sent to ADT monitoring center

2. Customer directly contacted by trained ADT monitoring professional

3. Emergency professionals notified if necessary

ADT Redundant Monitoring Centers

You can trust ADT to help protect your home at all times of day and night, with friendly, knowledgeable dispatchers at the ready 24/7 in six monitoring centers. The centers keeping tabs on your monitored smoke and fire alarm system from afar are located in diverse geographic locations so that weather or natural disasters affecting one or more sites will still leave other locations available for monitoring and emergency response.


3 out of 100

From 2009-2013, three of every five home fire deaths resulted from fires in homes with no functioning smoke alarm.

Source: National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA)

Help Protect Yourself from Preventable Dangers

The death rate in reported home fires is more than twice as high in homes that do not have working smoke alarms. Cut your risk in half. The best fire alarms detect not only smoke but heat, covering all the bases when it comes to early fire warning signs. Residential fire alarms with these features up your probability of avoiding preventable dangers—particularly if they are monitored by ADT, who contacts the local fire department on your behalf.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my fire alarm battery?

First, place your ADT monitored security system in test mode to prevent false alarms that may occur when replacing the smoke alarm battery. Then, twist the smoke detector counter-clockwise to remove it from the mounting bracket. Remove the old battery, making note of its orientation to ensure proper polarity when putting in the new battery. Fit the new battery into place in the same manner as the old. Replace the detector in the mounting bracket by lining up the tabs, then turning clockwise. Once it is back in place, remember to remove your system from test mode.

How do I reset my fire alarm?

Resetting your fire alarm is easy. Simply remove the back cover to reveal the fire alarm panel circuit board. Press and release the button on the circuit board two times. Then press and hold the button for a count of five until the LED light on the front of the alarm turns solid. After a few seconds, if the LED starts to blink slowly, it is successfully in pairing mode.

Why is my fire alarm chirping?

The most common cause of fire alarm chirping is a low battery. Replacing the battery (see instructions above) eliminates chirping in most cases. If it continues chirping even with a new battery, there may be something wrong with the smoke detector and it will need to be replaced.

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