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ADT Monitored Fire Alarm System

Manage hazards and emergencies quickly with early detection provided by your fire alarm.

Smoke Alarm

Take No Chances with a Home Fire Alarm System

When it comes to fire safety monitoring and equipment, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a smoke detector. While it’s true that smoke detectors save lives on a regular basis, installing a full-fledged fire alarm system sways the safety odds in your favor in the face of a fire-related emergency.

ADT monitored fire alarm services provide far more than just smoke detectors. You’ll receive smoke, carbon monoxide, and thermal detection with smart home integration capabilities, not to mention cutting-edge equipment and monitoring by trained professionals. This fire alarm system provides early detection and leaves no gaps in your home’s protection.

How Does a Fire Alarm System Work?

A full ADT monitored fire alarm system consists of several components that work in tandem to provide all-encompassing protection:

Smoke Detector

Detects early traces of smoke indicating fire or other potential danger.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Picks up any hint of deadly CO gas and alerts you and ADT monitoring to the leak.

Smart Thermostat

Senses extreme temperature increases and dangerous heat levels in your home.

In addition to monitoring for signs of fire or gas, each part of your system sounds a high-frequency alarm to alert you to the respective situation. The alarms also communicate with your ADT Command panel and Control app, so whether you’re at home or away, you’ll be quickly informed of any emergency.

Dealing with a power outage? No worries. Your fire alarm battery is equipped with a high-capacity backup power supply, so even if your house goes dark, your system never will.

What to Expect When Your Fire Alarm Triggers

Whether you’re at home to hear your smoke detector go off or out of the house at work or on vacation, ADT monitoring has your back. If your fire alarm goes off, you can trust ADT monitoring professionals are on guard to get you the help you need.

1. Alarm signal sent to ADT monitoring center

2. Customer directly contacted by trained ADT monitoring professional

3. Emergency professionals notified if necessary

Smart Home Integration

ADT monitored smart home integration helps provide the precious time you need to escape your house during a fire. Pairing allows alerts to be sent to your Command panel and Control app so you’re immediately aware of any problem.

Syncing your fire alarm system with smart home equipment and features adds extra layers of protection and convenience to your household:

  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors sync with your smart thermostat, which will kick the air conditioning on to circulate fresh air if harmful substances are sensed.
  • Smart locks unlock doors to aid in a fast exit, and provide first responders and firefighters accessibility to your house.
  • A smart thermostat alerts your ADT Command panel or Control app when your home’s temperature rises to potentially dangerous levels.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my fire alarm battery?

First, place your ADT monitored security system in test mode to prevent false alarms that may occur when replacing the smoke alarm battery. Then, twist the smoke detector counter-clockwise to remove it from the mounting bracket. Remove the old battery, making note of its orientation to ensure proper polarity when putting in the new battery. Fit the new battery into place in the same manner as the old. Replace the detector in the mounting bracket by lining up the tabs, then turning clockwise. Once it is back in place, remember to remove your system from test mode.

How do I reset my fire alarm?

Resetting your fire alarm is easy. Simply remove the back cover to reveal the fire alarm panel circuit board. Press and release the button on the circuit board two times. Then press and hold the button for a count of five until the LED light on the front of the alarm turns solid. After a few seconds, if the LED starts to blink slowly, it is successfully in pairing mode.

Why is my fire alarm chirping?

The most common cause of fire alarm chirping is a low battery. Replacing the battery (see instructions above) eliminates chirping in most cases. If it continues chirping even with a new battery, there may be something wrong with the smoke detector and it will need to be replaced.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my fire alarm?

Contact ADT at 1-866-523-2499 if you encounter a problem with your ADT-monitored fire alarm system or equipment. A monitoring specialist will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.

What is the difference between a fire alarm and a smoke detector?

A smoke detector senses smoke within a house and will sound an alarm strictly from its own location. A fire alarm receives alerts from smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and smart thermostats and sounds an alarm throughout an entire house or building.