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6 Ways to Cleverly Conceal Cash at Home

Do you have an emergency stash of cash at home? You’re not alone. Many people keep a few dollars on hand for tipping the pizza guy or stuffing into envelopes for last-minute birthday treats.

Be sure to think like a thief when concealing your valuables, though. Too much cash slipped under mattresses has taught burglars to check there – and other common hiding spots – first.

Consider these creative hiding spots for concealing valuables at home:

Go Undercover

Sew a “pocket” into your bed sheets and store some cash there. Use Velcro to secure the flap, and remember to remove your money before washing your sheets.

The Beta on VHS

Fold a few bills into a hollowed-out VHS tape, and store it in a box among other “junk.” It’s unlikely that a burglar will steal video tapes, which have little street value.

Soup is Good Foolin’

Fans of The Sopranos will remember Carmella stashing a money roll in a fake can of Campbell’s Minestrone. This clever idea requires that the fake can be stored alongside its counterparts, though; such a doppelganger would stand out in a sock drawer.

Give Them What They Want

Burglars want to get in and out of your home as quickly as possible, so if they see something they want, they’re likely to grab it and go. Leave a few bucks in an obvious spot, such as your top dresser drawer or a lock-box under your bed. This protects your real stash and keeps your home from being ransacked.

Iron Out the Details

Pop the rubber caps off the legs of your ironing board, and store rolled cash. You can also slip some bills between the board and its protective pads, provided you remember to remove them before ironing.

Tennis Anyone?

Cut a small slit into a tennis ball, and squeeze the ball open to slip your cash inside. Place it in a normal canister with two other tennis balls, and store with your sports equipment. Have any great hiding spots of your own? Please share them anonymously with us! Photo by Paul Sapiano.

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