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Protecting More Than Just Your Jewelry

What’s more important than the jewelry you keep at home, yet is just as easy to steal? Your identity.

Protecting your valuables is important, without a doubt, especially when it comes to the more sentimental items like memorable jewelry or family heirlooms, but if you’re not careful you may end up losing more than fine metals and sparkly bits.

“With people storing more and more personal information at home and on personal laptops, the opportunity for identity theft is increasing.” This from a recent study released by ADT Security from their Secure Homes Report which surveyed 2,000 homeowners and renters in Australia.[1]

According to the study, only 60% of respondents were concerned with identity fraud.

If you’re smart and follow regular home safety insights, have a good home security system, and store the really important documents at a safe location, you won’t have to worry about identity fraud as much if your home is broken into.

Still, identity fraud as a result of a home break-in is definitely something to think about. How are you keeping your valuables and your identity safe?

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