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Personal Security and Self Defense Resource Guide

Personal Security and Self Defense Resource Guide

Danger knows no bounds. It lurks around every corner when we least expect it. Nobody wants to deal with a life-threatening situation; however, everybody wants reassurance in knowing that they can defend themselves right down to the wire. Victims can employ self-defense strategies to protect themselves, family members, and their personal property from harm. In some cases, victims can apply deadly force without facing legality issues. Self-defense countermeasures can take on different forms, including armed and unarmed strategies. The armed citizen may carry a pocket knife, firearm, and non-lethal weapons. Many women choose to use small handguns, Taser guns, and pepper spray to take down perpetrators. Others may opt to take a self-defense course that focuses on immobilizing attackers, such as IMPACT, R-A-D, and Model Mugging. More robust martial arts programs exist that can paralyze and even kill predators, such as Krav Maga.

While all of these methods help to protect oneself against physical harm, it is always helps to learn non-confrontational methods to avoid escalating difficult situations. Many people may exercise awareness to avoid potentially dangerous environments and situations. Attackers tend to lurk and choose unsuspecting victims who have no chance of defeating them. Therefore, it makes sense to think like an attacker to avoid running into one. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to avoid certain situations. The majority of attackers know their victims, which means they probably know their favorite places to go. If a victim understands the principles of de-escalating confrontations, then they can manage to calm down an attacker before they strike. If none of this works, then it helps to own a personal alarm to alert a passerby of the surrounding danger. This may deter and chase away assailants before they severely hurt their victims.

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