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Why is monitored ADT security a necessity for your home?

Home should be where you feel the most safe, but unfortunately, it's also where a lot of crimes can occur. Even though Montana has a lot to offer, like every state, it still experiences crime. In 2013, there were 1931 aggravated assaults and 22 murders in Montana.§ Many of these violent crimes occurred inside local homes. can help keep your Montana home safe. The site can help you understand the advanced features and modern technology available from home security providers in your area. Through you'll discover a home security package that fits your finances and your lifestyle. Research shows that homes are three times less likely to be broken into when they are protected by a security system. Call us today to find out more about how a home security system can help protect your Montana home.

Not sure if you need monitored ADT security for your Montana home? Here are five benefits you may not have thought of.

Peace of Mind

It's alarming that Montana residents may be in danger of becoming crime victims, with 4064 burglaries occurring just during the last year.§ Fortunately, Montana residents can regain their confidence by choosing to invest in a home security system. When you get a home security system, you can rest easier knowing that you took steps to help prevent burglaries by arming your home.

Protection For Your Family and Personal Property

Feeling uneasy about your home and family's safety? You don't have to risk the threat of a break-in! By arming your home with Montana security systems, you can help safeguard your family against intruders. You'll receive alerts whenever suspicious activity is detected in your home, including every time a door or window is opened, so you'll always be reassured of your safety.

Help Protect Your Home Against Fire and Carbon Monoxide

Did you know more than just burglars can compromise the safety of your home? Some of the most alarming statistics reveal that 430 people die of carbon monoxide poisoning per year in the U.S.§ These are just a few more reasons that installing a security system in your Montana home can really make a difference. You'll be alerted if hazardous smoke and carbon monoxide levels are detected in the air, providing a warning before these conditions pose health concerns.

Save Energy and Other Costs

Want to save money and reduce your Montana home's environmental impact? A properly equipped home security system could be just the solution you need. Some systems can even detect unusually high moisture levels and will alert you to potentially costly problems like leaks or flooding before they escalate into full-blown disasters.

Monitor Your Home While You're Away

There were 20039* thefts just last year in Montana.§ A Montana home security system can do more than help protect your property from intruders. Home monitoring and home automation features will take your security to the next level. With these innovative technologies you'll be able to check up on your children and pets, even when you're out of town. What's more, remote automation lets you use your smartphone to set your home's alarm system.

How much does a monitored ADT alarm system cost?

Burglaries can be frightening and expensive. The victims of the 204§ robberies in Montana last year lost a lot of cash—money they could have saved by investing in a home security system. The cost of home alarm systems depends on many factors, from the layout of a home located in Montana to the variety of features needed to secure your premises. Exciting features like home monitoring systems, security cameras, and home automation equipment can all contribute to home security costs. Nevertheless, there's no reason to risk being the target of a crime that could have easily been prevented—especially considering that home security systems are more affordable than you realize. Take a closer peek at the many available home security packages in Montana:

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Reduce the chance of your household becoming another heartbreaking statistic by visiting In 2014, the U.S. documented 8,632,512§ property crimes. By using this site, you can learn about the home security companies and alarm systems you have access to in Montana, and select a package that best suits your household. To get a free estimate, fill out the form below now!

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Imagine never again stressing over missing keys or the thought of a burglar picking your locks. Security keypanels are a unique feature that boost the effectiveness and convenience of alarm systems in Montana.


Home security cameras make it easy to keep an eye on your Montana home. Whether you're at home or away, take a peek at what the kids and pets are up to, or just keep tabs on your property. And in the unfortunate event that your property is victimized by crime, these cameras can be programmed to automatically start recording.

Motion Sensors

Most of us are familiar with motion sensors on some level. Basically, they alert you anytime they detect movement, allowing you to identify possible break-ins. But a home security system that's been outfitted with motion sensors can do more to protect your Montana home. If you, your family, or friends have small children or pets that need to be prevented from freely exploring dangerous areas like an office or basement, motion detectors can alert you anytime they detect movement in those areas. And since motion sensors work 24/7, you can enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing that your home is being monitored around the clock.

Door/Window Sensors

With these alarms, you will be alerted when a door or window is closed or opened, allowing you be more aware of the activity in your Montana home while warding off potential intruders. You'll also have an easy way to keep tabs on visitors, pets, and children when you're not home.