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With its top-notch sports teams, fun things to do, and friendly neighbors, it's no wonder people enjoy living in Idaho. While there's a lot of great things happening in Idaho, it's not without its problems. Just during 2013 alone, there were 2596 aggravated assaults and 27 murders in Idaho.§ Worse yet, a number of these tragedies happened in people's homes.

These statistics are disturbing, but with on your side—you can help protect your home and loved ones. Homes in Idaho that have home security systems are three times less likely to be broken into, according to the experts. With, you can see what alarm systems and home security packages are available for your Idaho home. The site also helps educate you on the latest technology and security features, so you can find a package that meets your needs and fits your budget. To learn more about how home security systems can help protect Idaho residents, call us today.

Is a monitored ADT alarm system right for me? Consider the following…

Peace of Mind

Would it surprise you to know that 6640 burglaries occurred in Idaho last year?§ Statistics like these and the need for peace of mind are the main reasons Idaho residents get home security systems. A security system allows you to spend less time worrying about the safety of your home and more time enjoying your family.

Protection For Your Family and Personal Property

Don't gamble when it comes to the safety of your family and home. The features available with Idaho security systems help keep your family safe by alerting you if a window or door is opened and by detecting unusual activity. You can also program your system so anyone trying to get into your home is immediately scared off. With the technology that's available today, you can keep the things that matter most to you safe.

Help Protect Your Home Against Fire and Carbon Monoxide

There's always a risk of intruders, but that's not all that can threaten the security of your Idaho home. An average of 430 people die of carbon monoxide poisoning annually nationwide.§ Home security systems can include a range of features including alarms that detect dangerous levels of smoke and carbon monoxide. That means that you'll know about worsening conditions before they become a danger.

Save Energy and Other Costs

A home security system is primarily about keeping you safe. But that's just the beginning! Security systems in Idaho can also help you save money and protect the environment, as many modern systems monitor everything down to your home's moisture levels. This allows you to detect leaks and floods before they become full-blown disasters, which saves you money on expensive repairs and reduces water waste. All told, you can't top the safety and savings you get with a home security system!

Monitor Your Home While You're Away

Whether you're just down the block at a friend's house or on the other side of the world on vacation, home security is never far from your thoughts. After all, there were 21879* occurrences of theft in Idaho last year§, a statistic you want to avoid. The good news is that Idaho home security systems monitor and protect your home while also offering options for home automation. So, wherever you go you can get alerts and tap into your home security system conveniently from your smartphone. Plus, you'll be able to do a variety of things on-the-go.

How much does monitored ADT security cost?

The price of your home alarm system will depend on optional features like security cameras, home automation devices, or monitoring services, as well as the layout of your Idaho home. The actual cost of a home security system may be more affordable than you think, especially when factoring in the emotional and material losses that resulted from the 220§ robberies that were reported in Idaho last year. You can take steps to secure your property. Learn more about top-notch home security packages offered in Idaho here:

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There's a reason many families put home security high on their priority list. In 2014 alone, the U.S. saw 8,632,512§ total property crimes. Fortunately, can help you find the best deal for your home by comparing home security companies and alarm systems in Idaho. Just complete the form below to get your free quote today!

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Picture a life where you don't have to stress about lost keys or worry that a criminal might pick your locks. Alarm systems in Idaho have options for security keypanels that deliver you additional levels of convenience and security.


How can you be sure that your belongings, pets, and family members are doing OK in your absence? Home security cameras let you see what's going on in your house when you're away on business or on vacation. The cameras can even automatically start recording if someone tries to break into your home.

Motion Sensors

Motion detectors have become a modern staple of many security systems. Of course, we are familiar with their main pruposes, like for example, alerting us to possible break-ins from intruders. But modern security systems that are currently available in Idaho also allow you to program more sophisticated settings, so your system is always working for you. Most of us have family or friends with small children, if not families of our own. Wouldn't it be nice if your system had the ability to give you a personal update when a child decided to explore a potentially dangerous area like a garage? Or, perhaps you want to know if a pet is contemplating mischief on the new furniture in your living room. You can receive these alerts and more, which will give you a new found confidence in your living space. Also, along with all the other benefits mentioned here, you'll also know with certainty that your home is safer because you'll have 24/7 monitoring and support from security professionals.

Door/Window Sensors

With these alarms, you will be alerted when a door or window is closed or opened, which can help deter burglars and keep you informed about what's happening in your Idaho home. Sensors are a great solution if you're worried about visitors, pets, and children when you're not home.