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I live in Arizona. Why do I need monitored ADT home security?

An unfortunate fact of life is that no matter where you live, even in a great place like Arizona, there's no way to completely escape from crime. In 2013 alone there were 357 homicides and 17490 aggravated assaults in Arizona.§ What's more disheartening is that many of these tragedies took place in people's homes, where they expected to be safe.

Despite the numbers, data seems to indicate that people with home security systems are three times less likely to become victims of crime. So, you can improve the safety and security of your Arizona home right now. Visit to get all your questions about home security answered. Use it to pick the home security package that meets the needs of your Arizona home and budget by comparing the various alarm systems offered in your community. Learn more about home security systems available throughout Arizona—call us today!

What are the benefits of owning a monitored ADT security system?

Peace of Mind

It's no secret that last year Arizona experienced 48533 burglaries.§ You'll rest easier at night knowing your family and your valuables are protected by a home security system. In fact, ease of mind is one of the biggest factors behind why Arizona residents invest in home security systems.

Protection For Your Family and Personal Property

Why risk the safety and protection of your home and family? Arizona security systems will send out alerts if suspicious movement is detected in your home, or a door or window is opened. They also offer alarm features to quickly scare away intruders. At the end of the day, you can feel at ease knowing your family and home are safe and sound.

Help Protect Your Home Against Fire and Carbon Monoxide

Although criminals are a great risk to your home and loved ones, it is important to remember that there are other possible dangers too. An average of 430 people die of carbon monoxide poisoning annually in the U.S.§ You can avoid these dangers in your Arizona home by installing a home security system. You'll be alerted to increasing levels of smoke and carbon monoxide with alarms, allowing your family to get to safety before it's too late.

Save Energy and Other Costs

Want to save money and reduce your Arizona home's environmental impact? A home security system can help you do both. Some systems can even detect unusually high moisture levels and alert you to potential leaks or flooding before they become financially devastating problems.

Monitor Your Home While You're Away

It is a sad truth that 159272* burglaries took place in Arizona last year.§ So if your Arizona home remains unprotected, chances are you could become a victim. Don't be the next victim—defend your household against intruders with home automation and monitoring that's available 24/7 via smartphone. Sign up for a Arizona home security system. You'll get remote access to home automation and home monitoring services, giving you peace of mind by allowing you to see what's going on at home, and more.

What is pricing like for monitored ADT home security services?

If you've ever lost personal valuables, you know that both the material and emotional costs can be great. That's where the added protection of a home security system can help you avoid being targeted, like the many victims from the 6702§ robberies that occurred in Arizona last year. You can equip your security system according to your budget and your Arizona home's layout by choosing from the options you want, like security cameras, automation tools, and monitoring services. A home alarm system could offer great value with added protection, so take some time to look through the latest home security packages available in Arizona:

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Statistics for 2014 show that the U.S. had 8,632,512§ property crimes committed. Don't become another victim. Take advantage of makes it easy to compare home security companies and alarm systems, so you pick the option that's ideal for your Arizona home. Submit the form below, and we'll give you a free estimate now!

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Tired of losing your keys and worrying about your locks being picked? Keypanels can be included with alarm systems in Arizona, to improve both security and convenience!


Home security cameras are a convenient feature of any modern security system. Not only do they help keep your property safer, but they also allow you to look in on your home or check on the kids, whether you're out to dinner with friends or away on business. Of course, video surveillance will also be recording in the unfortunate case that a break-in occurs, so you'll have footage to use as evidence against prowlers and intruders.

Motion Sensors

Add motion sensors to your security system and you'll experience even greater protection at home. Motion sensors alert you anytime they detect movement, which allows you to identify burglaries quickly and take appropriate actions sooner rather than later. They can also warn you anytime the kids stray into an unsafe or out-of-bounds area of your home (like the basement or the office). This allows Arizona customers to rest easy, knowing that their family members are safe and accounted for. Best of all, motion sensors monitor your house 24/7, so you can count on your home being protected even while you're at work or on vacation.

Door/Window Sensors

These sensors can help keep your Arizona home safe from criminals by alerting you whenever a window or door is opened or shut. The alarms can also help you keep track of young children and visitors, so you know who's entering or leaving at all times.