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ADT Monitoring Monthly Costs from Protect Your Home

Scan ADT-monitored security system costs in the table below, and keep scrolling to see how each plan helps protect your home.

How Much Does ADT-Monitored Security from Protect Your Home Cost?

BasicBasic WirelessADT Pulse®ADT Pulse® + Video
Monthly Cost$27.99/mo$48.99/mo$53.99/mo$58.99/mo
Installation$99Starts at $99*Starts at $199*Starts at $299*
Equipment CostIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Monitoring ConnectionLandlineLandline or cellularLandline or cellularLandline or cellular
CellGuard®Not availableIncludedIncludedIncluded
App AutomationNot availableNot availableIncludedIncluded
Key FobIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded

How Much Does ADT-Monitored Security from Protect Your Home Cost?

Monthly Cost
Basic Wireless$48.99/mo
ADT Pulse®$53.99/mo
ADT Pulse® + Video$58.99/mo
Basic WirelessStarts at $99*
ADT Pulse®Starts at $199*
ADT Pulse® + VideoStarts at $299*

How Much Does ADT Monitoring Cost per Month?

Protect Your Home, the only Authorized Premier Provider of ADT, offers four home security packages—and all of them include 24/7 system monitoring by the leading name in home security.



This plan costs $27.99 monthly for an alarm system with 3 door, window, or motion sensors and 1 control panel, all battery operated to give your equipment a clean, cord-free look.

ADT Basic Wireless


This package costs $48.99 monthly and adds Cellguard® for agile communication with ADT monitoring centers, plus a key fob to arm or disarm your system more conveniently.

ADT Pulse


ADT Pulse® costs $53.99 monthly (just a $5/mo upgrade from Basic Wireless). This plan syncs your system panel with the ADT Pulse® app, giving you insights and control from virtually anywhere.

ADT Pulse® + Video


ADT Pulse® + Video costs $58.99 monthly (just $5/mo more than ADT Pulse®). This plan integrates a camera into your system so you can do a visual check on your home’s hotspots anytime.

How Much Does ADT-Monitored Equipment Cost per Month?

ADT-monitored home security costs per month, shown in the table above, always include equipment when you purchase from Protect Your Home.** You’re always welcome to purchase additional equipment not included in your package, but they will be charged up front instead of being added to your monthly rate. That way, your monthly security budget stays steady.

How Much Does Installation Cost?

Protect Your Home installation of ADT-monitored packages starts at $99 for Basic and Basic Wireless and starts at $199 for ADT Pulse® plans. If you’d like to add extra devices or customize your system, installation costs rise accordingly. For a more precise quote, call and ask about the changes you have in mind. You also have the option of scheduling standard installation and then, when your expert technician arrives, asking on the spot how much it would cost to tweak your installation to your liking.


More Savings and Protections with ADT Monitoring from Protect Your Home

ADT 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee

With an unheard-of length of time for a satisfaction guarantee, ADT is just that confident that you’ll be impressed by its 24/7 monitoring services.

$500 Theft Protection

No one else offers what ADT does in the loss department. If you lose property from a burglary while the system is armed, ADT will pay up to $500 of your insurance deductible.

Same-Day Installation

You probably can’t even get online purchases shipped to your house as quickly as you can get your ADT-monitored home security system installed.

How much will you save with ADT monitoring from Protect Your Home?

Trusty, Reliable Monitoring with Cellular Alarm Transmission

Instead of connecting your home security system to ADT monitoring centers over your city’s phone grid, cellular transmission lets your equipment communicate reliably with ADT via cell towers—the same ones your mobile phone uses. Available with the Basic Wireless package and both ADT Pulse® packages, cellular alarm transmission prevents you from having to purchase a separate landline phone subscription and ensures you have security service even if the grid goes down.

Remotely Manage Your Security System with ADT Pulse®

ADT Pulse® is a mobile app and web portal that integrates with your home security system and lets you control settings virtually wherever you go. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits, you can also get customized text and app alerts for the notifications you want most.

ADT Pulse® is also the name of the two home security packages offered by Protect Your Home that include the app. ADT Pulse® monthly costs are value-packed. The monthly monitoring rates are no more than $10 above the Basic Wireless package, but they offer much more control through the app. And as with all Protect Your Home plans, ADT Pulse® equipment is included in the monthly rate, unless you choose to add equipment not included in the standard package.