Floss or DIE Infographic: The Facts on Why You Need to Floss

At YourLocalSecurity.com we believe that improving the wellness of your body will improve the quality of your life. When it comes to improving your health there are many aspects to focus on. So many, in fact, that at times a lack of time or money can get in the way of achieving your goals for healthy living. We did some research and found there is one health tip that takes less than one minute a day, costs pennies, and can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, erectile dysfunction and more: flossing your teeth. Yep, not flossing can have dire consequences on your overall health. The most obvious benefit is having pleasant breath and attractive teeth, but the more important benefits are found throughout your body. You'll remember a few weeks ago we encouraged you to Sleep or Die. Well, we are now advising you to Floss or DIE!

Floss or Die Infographic

Posted by Noah James. Author Page: Google+.

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