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Find out how you can tell when your children are mature enough to stay home without adult supervision.

Setting Rules for Children Staying Home Alone (PDF)

Read through a brief set of tips that will help you keep your kids safe when they are home alone.

Teaching Kids Safety Skills

Learn how to teach children valuable safety skills that they can use while they are home unsupervised.

Tips for Children Staying Home Along (PDF)

Check out this list of tips that will help prepare your children for staying home alone.

Preparing Your Child for Independence (PDF)

Learn how to recognize the signs that your child is ready to stay home without you, including tips that will help you teach them how to handle being by themselves.

How to Stay Safe While You're Home Alone

Read through valuable safety tips that are essential for any child old enough to stay home alone to learn.

Safety Tips for Kids and Parents

Learn how to stay safe while home alone as a family.

Keeping the Home Safe for Kids

Discover how to make sure that younger children will not injure themselves around the house.

What do Children do When They're Home Alone?

Read through the results of a study that aims to discover what children spend their time doing when their parents leave them home alone.

Teaching Children to Stay Home Alone

Learn about important safety skills, like how to answer the phone when you're home alone and how to check who's at the door without opening it.

Internet Safety for Parents

Learn how to teach Internet safety to children and teenagers, including how to handle common situations.

Teenagers and the Internet (PDF)

Discover what the common risks that teenagers who use social networking sites encounter, as well as how to teach them Internet safety.

Read through a compilation of important safety tips that all teenagers should be aware of.

Keep Personal Information Safe

Find out how kids can keep personal information safe while surfing the Internet.

Internet Safety Resources

Check out this useful list of online resources about Internet safety geared for both adults and children.

Top 10 Internet Safety Tips for Kids (PDF)

Read through a helpful list of tips that all kids should learn about before venturing onto the Internet.

Resources about Internet Safety

Learn more about Internet safety as a family with this comprehensive list of resources.

Internet Safety Guidelines and Tips

Find out how you can talk to kids about Internet safety, including how to set guidelines and parameters for them to follow.

Facts about Internet Safety

Understand the importance of protecting private information and staying safe while surfing the Internet with this comprehensive resource.

Child Safe Search Engines

Check out this list of search engines that are safe for kids to use.

Online Safety for Kids (PDF)

Read through this comprehensive explanation of the risks that children face on the Internet, including ways to dangerous situations.

Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet

Read through this Internet safety guide geared to teaching children.

Safety Tips for Socializing Online

Find out how you can help kids stay safe while they are socializing with their friends online.

Learn how to prevent crimes using this list of safety tips.

Crime Prevention Resources

Browse through this list of crime prevention resources aimed at parents.

Learn the basics of keeping the house safe from burglars.

Check out these tips geared for children that explain how to prevent crime at home and at school.

Crime Prevention for Children

Find out how to avoid common safety risks in this crime prevention guide for children and parents.

The Basics of Crime Prevention

Help kids learn about the importance of crime prevention with this set of tips.

Frequently Asked Questions about Crime Prevention

Learn how to prevent campus crime with this comprehensive guide.

Guide to Bully Prevention (PDF)

Teach children the impact that bullying can have, and how it relates to crime prevention.

Crime Prevention Tips for Parents and Children

Discover basic crime prevention tips that can help keep you safe.

Learn about keeping children safe from cyber crimes, bullying and how to prevent runaway situations.

Child Safety for Parents and Babysitters (PDF)

Check out this list of tips for keeping kids safe, including a checklist for babysitters to use as a reference.

Keeping Kids Safe during a Custody Battle (PDF)

Find out how to ensure that children remain physically and emotionally safe during a custody case.

Child Safety Resource Guide (PDF)

Learn important tips that will help you keep children age seven-11 safe.

Introduction to Child Safety Interventions in Vermont (PDF)

Read more about what a parent or guardian can expect to happen during a child safety investigation.

Discover what children should know about keeping themselves safe, including tips for explaining safety to them.

Resources for Protecting Children

Browse through a list of resources that will help you learn how to keep your children safe while they are both away from home and staying home alone.

Child Safety on Airplanes

Read through this comprehensive guide that talks about keeping children safe while they are flying.

Keeping Kids Safe around Swimming Pools (PDF)

Learn important facts about preventing children from drowning in backyard swimming pools.

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