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Small Security Cameras from ADT

A Safer Way to Watch Your Home

Opt for Safety in a Small Package

Security doesn’t have to be flashy. Large cameras with all the bells and whistles present an impressive package, but often small home security cameras prove to be just as efficient and practical in their own right. When it comes to protecting your home, it’s important to choose a security system and equipment that’s just right for your situation, and that’s where the indoor security camera comes in.

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Discreet Size and Design

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Live Video Footage

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Motion Activated

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Despite their size, small wireless home security video cameras don’t cut corners—in fact, they watch them like a hawk. If you’re ready to take measures to protect your home and are searching for small, hidden, or discreet camera options, indoor security cameras that connect to your ADT monitored system are the clear-cut solution. Sometimes the smallest defense is what makes the biggest difference whether you’re in search of a nanny cam, something to fit snugly in the corner, or just trying to match a certain aesthetic within your home. The size and styling makes it more difficult for someone to detect the cameras and then try to tamper with them, adding yet another layer of protection to your ADT monitored system and sense of well-being to your home.

Small Doesn’t Mean Fewer Features

It may come as a surprise, but your small hidden security camera has the full range of features needed to pack a significant punch against threats to your safety.

720p HD Video Quality

See what’s happening at your home with crystal-clear video footage. Your small or mini security camera translates HD video quality so there’s never anything left to the imagination when monitoring your system’s feed.

Wireless Capabilities

Cut the cord for good and take your security mobile. Enjoy the freedom of setting up your indoor cameras anywhere you choose within your home once you’ve installed your ADT monitored control panel.

Motion-Activated Video Footage

Your small security camera is tough to sneak up on when it has motion-sensing capabilities. You will receive an alert if movement is detected within the range of the camera, giving your system that much more of an edge.

Cloud-Based Surveillance

Keep your system safe from data breaches with the ADT cloud-based system. Your footage is stored on a central website which allows you to access and monitor your video footage anytime you need.

ADT 24/7 Monitoring: Safety is a Constant Concern

What could be more satisfying than knowing ADT is keeping watch over your home? The fact that small security cameras integrate with your ADT monitored system, are supported by features like 24/7 monitoring and monitoring redundancy, and provide better, more thorough protection for your home and family. Think of it as a 24-hour operating lifeline. When you put your trust in ADT, you’re taking action against the unknown…24/7.


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Homes that don’t have a security system are 300% more likely to be broken into and burglarized.

Source: A Secure Life

Professional Installation Creates More Time For You

When you purchase from ADT, you will have the benefit of a professional technician specially trained to install your new small indoor security cameras and incorporate them into your ADT monitored system as quickly and efficiently as possible. The tech will review your order and answer any questions you may have before installation. He or she will also find the best place for your cameras, which can be installed as visibly or hidden as possible depending on your preference.