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What is Z-Wave Technology for ADT Monitoring?–ADT FAQ

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What is Z-Wave Technology for ADT Monitoring?

The ADT Pulse® security system is powered by Z-Wave technology that enables communication across devices in your home through radio frequencies.

Z-Wave operates on 900MHz of power and can control devices and appliances around the home such as security systems, lights, thermostats and door locks. It works on a separate frequency than Wi-Fi, but operates in a similar way. Z-Wave does not interfere with a home’s Wi-Fi connection in any way, but exists as a separate way to enable communication between your mobile devices and your ADT monitoring devices.

The technology is often found in "smart" homes to help homeowners control lights, fans, temperature and other electronic devices in the home from a wireless connection or key fob. Rather than walk from room to room turning on lamps and opening shutters, Z-Wave allows you to handle it all with the push of a button on your mobile devices before you make it home.

How ADT Monitoring Utilizes It

ADT monitoring integrates Z-Wave technology primarily in their ADT Pulse® security package. Through the use of Z-Wave they are able to allow almost any electronic devices in your home to communicate with you and with other devices throughout the house.

This works by plugging in a Z-Wave module into your devices, which will then allow you to remotely access them from your mobile device or laptop anywhere you may be.

Some of the perks of ADT Pulse® and Z-Wave technology include being able to access live video feeds through your smartphone, arming and disarming your security system away from home and even changing the thermostat or turning on the living room lights before even walking through the front door.

ADT monitoring provides a list of approved devices you may have around the home that are compatible with Z-Wave technology. While there are many electronic devices that allow you to convert them to Z-Wave technology that aren’t on the list, ADT monitoring recommends using those they know already work with their systems.

Systems that don’t operate on Z-Wave technology lack many of the functions of the ADT Pulse® package and monitoring services. Without Z-Wave, live video feeds and security system accessibility are practically non-existent.

Systems that operate on landlines and wireless Internet connections are also subject to problems when those connections are interrupted for any reason. Z-Wave provides a separate connection that focuses entirely on powering your security system, helping to ensure that you’ll never be without it in an emergency.