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What Is ADT Pulse®?–ADT FAQ

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What Is ADT Pulse®?

ADT Pulse® is your one-stop source for home automation and security. By putting the power to protect your family and control your home into the palm of your hand, ADT Pulse® may just be the lifestyle management equivalent of a personal assistant. There’s no more affordable or reliable way to upgrade your lifestyle and enhance your freedom than by taking advantage of what ADT Pulse® offers.

Remote Security: Keep Your Home Safe All the Time from Anywhere

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the road for work or for pleasure, you can rest assured that everything is fine at home with the remote security features of ADT Pulse®. Sunrise or sundown, you can make sure your alarm is set and the doors are locked.

No one knows the rhythms of your home better than you. That’s why ADT Pulse® allows you to set custom notifications to let you know when the children arrive home from school, when the housekeeper comes and goes, or when that package you’ve been waiting for arrives at your front doorstep.

In addition to custom notifications, you can also access video clips of the comings and goings at your home while you’re away. You no longer need to wonder if the dog walker showed up to exercise Fido or if your prized plants are properly watered. Video surveillance lets you know in real-time what is happening in your home.

And in the unlikely event that your home falls victim to the threat of flood or fire, ADT Pulse® can alert you to the danger to help you respond before significant damage is done.

Home Automation: Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

The power to manage your home from wherever you have an Internet connection has never been easier than with ADT Pulse®. From climate control to energy efficiency, ADT Pulse® gives you the ability to turn lights on and off, adjust the air conditioning or the furnace, and even make sure small appliances, like the iron and coffee pot, weren’t accidently left on.

Imagine being able to turn on the lights and heat up your home even if you’re stuck in rush hour traffic. With ADT Pulse®, you can. The app turns your mobile device into a remote control that helps you create the climate, lighting, and security you want in your home any time and from anywhere. You can even turn televisions and stereos on at varying times to help create the impression that you’re home even if you’re still miles away.

ADT Pulse® also goes beyond lights and toasters. For budget-conscious individuals, ADT Pulse® can be the key to maximizing efficiency and minimizing energy bills. You can make sure your lights and thermostat make you comfortable when at home, and energy isn’t wasted when you’re away. Even if you accidently forgot to adjust the thermostat before going on vacation, you can make the proper changes from the beach or the ski lift.

But you don’t have to be constantly monitoring your home. ADT Pulse® lets you put your home on auto-pilot with the ability to set daily events like disarming the home and unlocking the doors after school each day. Or if you’re always rushed in the morning, you can make sure the lights and small appliances automatically turn off at a certain time. That way, you can leave the house focused on the day ahead rather than worried about turning the coffee pot off.

Lifestyle Management: Upgrade/Maximize Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle management is just one more perk you get with ADT Pulse®. Knowing you have help protecting your home and loved ones gives you the ability to sit back and relax instead of running home for every small concern.

Sudden cold front hit? No worries – you can adjust the thermostat during your lunch meeting. Plumber need to be let in while you’re touching base with a valuable client? You can unlock the door and activate remote surveillance right from your smartphone. PTA meeting go longer than expected? The kids can get it in the house with just a swipe of your finger.

ADT Pulse® is designed to give you more flexibility when it comes to managing your home without giving the peace of mind that comes from knowing first-hand what’s happening in your absence. You have control and surveillance capability as long as you have an Internet connection.

Remote video monitoring opens up a world of possibilities. Whether it’s checking who’s at the front door without having to get up or making sure your teens are behaving even though you’re out, ADT Pulse® gives you an extra set of eyes to help you make sure your home and loved ones are safe and sound.

And for those with specific challenges due to age, disability, or illness, the remote control features make it easier to manage the home and take care of routine daily activities like arming and disarming the alarm, making sure unneeded lights are off, and seeing what the kids are up to in the playroom. As long as you have access to a web-enabled device, ADT Pulse® will help you stay on top of everything even if mobility is limited.