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What is 2-Way Voice?

Safety shouldn’t come with a high price tag.

What is 2-Way Voice?

ADT 2-Way Voice turns your home security system into a communications control center. You can call for help from up to 75 feet away, thanks to a microphone that can pick up your normal speaking voice and alert the monitoring center in case of an emergency.

While similar to an intercom, 2-Way Voice offers so much more. The microphone on your control panel is activated when the panic button is pushed or your home’s alarm is activated. That gives you a direct link to an ADT monitoring professional who can hear exactly what is happening in your home and send the help that is required.

Thanks to the hands-free activation, 2-Way Voice can be a lifesaver in more ways than one. In addition to aiding during a break-in or attack, this service can also alert the monitoring center to a health emergency that requires assistance. When seconds can make all the difference, ADT 2-Way Voice assists you in getting the help you need as quickly as possible.

Thanks to its simple operation and automatic activation, 2-Way Voice comes with extra peace of mind, regardless of who in your home needs assistance. Children, the elderly, and those suffering from medical conditions can easily activate the system to connect with a professional ADT monitoring expert who can assess what’s happening and determine the appropriate response.

And this feature was designed with your privacy in mind. The 2-Way Voice feature is only utilized when your alarm has been activated or someone in your home has pushed the panic button. When the system is activated, an ADT monitoring professionals can carefully assess what is occurring in order to determine which authorities and emergency responders need to be alerted.

A bonus benefit of 2-Way Voice is avoiding fees and charges due to false alarms. Because the service is activated along with your alarm, professionals at the monitoring center are instantly aware if the alarm was activated by accident. This can help you save a potentially hefty sum due to false alarms.