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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens When The Alarm Goes Off On My Security System?

One thing ADT monitored services always deliver is consistency. Thanks to advanced technology and seamless device integration, you can always expect a fast and efficient response when a system alarm is triggered.

  1. A trained ADT monitoring professional will call you using the 2-Way Voice feature.

    When a system alarm sounds, your ADT monitored security system activates the 2-Way Voice feature either through your ADT Command panel or Control app, quickly opening a channel between you and a representative. Once the rep has been alerted, you will be contacted within 10 seconds, and then asked to give a password to verify your identity.

  2. The trained professional will ask questions about the situation to verify an emergency occurred.

    After assessing the severity of the situation, as well as your home’s location, the ADT monitoring rep will ask for more details to determine what kind of help you need. They’ll have the ability to look at which window, door, or motion sensor was triggered during the incident to establish where the security breach is.

  3. If the situation demands, the ADT monitoring agent will notify and dispatch the necessary emergency personnel to assist you.

    Once you describe the situation and what kind of help you need, the monitoring agent will determine if you are experiencing an emergency. If this is the case, the rep will notify appropriate emergency services (police, fire department, EMT, etc.). The rep can also let the first responders know which window, door, or motion sensor was set off so they can be prepared for potentially dangerous areas.