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What Happens When The Alarm Goes Off On My Security System?–ADT FAQ

What Happens When The Alarm Goes Off On My Security System?

When the alarm goes off on your ADT monitored security system, two things happen. A trained ADT monitoring professional will call you or use the 2-Way Voice feature to talk to you about what happened. If necessary, the representative will also notify the police, fire department, or other emergency response services.

Activate 2-Way Voice

After your alarm sounds, your ADT monitored security system activates the 2-Way Voice feature on your control panel so you can speak to an ADT monitoring representative. You will usually be contacted within 10 seconds, and will be asked to give a password to verify your identity.

The trained professional will help you sort through what happened and verify that an emergency occurred, as well as what state your home and family are in. To make the process easier, the ADT monitoring center representative can see which window, door, or motion sensor was triggered during the incident.

During and after an emergency, you want reassurance that someone is ready to help you at a moment’s notice. With 2-Way Voice from ADT monitoring, you always have someone on the other end of the line who has fast access not only to your security system but also to the authorities who can help you deal with what happened in your home.

Contact Emergency Professionals

After 2-Way Voice is activated, and you give the correct password, the ADT monitoring representative will quickly be on the control panel’s speaker to talk to you. If someone is breaking into your home and gives the incorrect password or you are not there to give the password, and the representative verifies an emergency, then that representative can notify the police.

If you can describe the situation and what kind of help you need, the ADT monitoring representative can help and notify appropriate emergency services if necessary. Also, he or she can tell the emergency responders which window, door, or motion sensor was triggered so they know the problem area.