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What Are the Benefits of a Wireless Security System?

Safety shouldn’t come with a high price tag.

What Are the Benefits of a Wireless Security System?

A wireless home security system uses a similar technology that your cellphone does. It uses a wireless digital transmission that sends information about the status and activation of your home security system to your alarm monitoring company. Here are a few other benefits of a wireless home security system.

No Wires or Holes in Your Home

One of the most obvious benefits of a wireless system is that your home is less altered during installation. With wired systems, you may have to run wires through the walls, which means you may have to drill holes, cut into the wall, or hang wires on your wall, all of which could take away from the beauty and polished look of your home. That’s not the case with wireless systems.

No Wires to Cut or Disable

Having a wired system can also be a risk if an intruder breaks into your home. A burglar can easily cut through the wires of your security system, which may disable it. A disabled alarm may not sound to warn you that someone is breaking in while you are home. It also may not alert your security monitoring company, which has a security professional who would be able to call for help right away.

A wireless system connects your panel, detectors, and cameras using a wireless connection that cannot sever easily. This connection also remains in place if the power goes out for any reason, which would disable your landline. This gives you peace of mind that your wireless home security system helps prevent a burglar from disabling it and keeps you connected to your alarm monitoring company.

No Landline Necessary

A completely wireless system also means that you don’t need a landline to connect your alarms to your monitoring company. A burglar can easily sever a landline, leaving you without instant communication with your monitoring company. Also, many people no longer have a landline in their homes as more people move to using only their mobile phones. With a wireless system, you don’t need to worry about signing up and paying for an extra landline just to use for your home security system, so it can be more cost-effective as well.

Can Use Smart Technology

A wireless security system with cellular backup enables you to use various smart technology advancements to connect to your home security system remotely. Apps for mobile phones, tablets, and computers allow you to remotely access your security system and even control it from anywhere, anytime.

Better Home Security Experience

If you’re sleeping soundly at home, you want to know that regardless if a burglar breaks into your home, your home security system notifies you and your alarm monitoring company right away. This could either help stop the break-in or help prevent it in the first place. With a wireless system, you can rest easy knowing that you took the precautions necessary to keep your home in the same aesthetic condition while also helping protect you and your family. If a burglar trips the alarm, the alarm monitoring company can send help in a flash so you feel safer and have an overall better home security experience.