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What Are the Main Components of an ADT Monitored Security System?

Safety shouldn’t come with a high price tag.

What Are the Main Components of an ADT Monitored Security System?

From additional sensors to smart home technology, ADT offers a wide range of equipment for your monitored home security system. If you’re interested in any of ADT-monitored security packages, including the most basic one, these are the main components you receive along with your ADT monitoring services.

Master Control Panel

The master control panel, also known as the "nerve center" of your system, is a digital keypad where you can control your home security system. The panel’s user-friendly design makes it easy to arm and disarm your system quickly, as well as adjust various settings. You can even program your control panel for one-touch access to police, fire, and medical dispatch.

Door and Window Sensors

Known as the "Three Points of Protection," the three door and window sensors are main components of an ADT monitored security system. These sensors can alert you and the monitoring team that someone or something triggered them. If your system is disarmed, your control panel will still beep if a door or window with a sensor attached is opened. If your system is armed, the entryway sensors send a signal to your keypad to activate the high-decibel alarm if someone triggers the alarm.

Pet Immune Motion Detector

In addition to door and window sensors for entryways, a motion detector picks up on any movement in a given area. You can let your pets roam the house while you’re out if you have a pet immune motion detector. Pets weighing under 80 pounds may walk in front of the motion sensor, even when the system is armed, without triggering it. This helps you reduce the risk that your pet triggers a false alarm.

Built-in Siren

If anyone or anything sets off any door or window sensors or the motion detector while your system is armed, a high-decibel siren will sound. This siren can alert you or your neighbors to a problem, as well as potentially scare away anyone who was trying to get into your home. It will also send an alert to the monitoring team, letting them know of the potential emergency.

Yard Sign and Window Decals

The ADT yard sign and window decals let your neighbors, visitors, and, most importantly, potential burglars know an ADT monitored security system is helping protect your home. The National Burglar and Fire Association reports that nine out of 10 convicted burglars admitted they would avoid breaking into a home with a monitored security system. The yard sign and window decals should go at any entry point, like doors and windows, to help prevent a burglary before it happens.

Besides receiving these main components of your ADT monitoring Basic package, the ADT professional installer can recommend additional equipment to personalize your home security system to meet your individual needs.