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Why Does ADT Monitoring Have Six Monitoring Centers?

Safety shouldn’t come with a high price tag.

Why Does ADT Monitoring Have Six Monitoring Centers?

ADT monitoring has six interconnected monitoring centers because your security matters. By providing multiple centers stationed strategically throughout the United States ADT monitoring can ensure some of the fastest response times.

ADT Customer Monitoring Centers provide coverage for over 6 million customers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days of the year. Over 7,000 ADT professionals are trained to work in the monitoring centers to ensure that when you need them, there is someone there to help.

Each facility has an average of 335 call center stations with someone ready and waiting to act if your alarm goes off. They are able to respond quickly to notifications of burglary, flood, fire and smoke, carbon monoxide and calls for medical assistance in case of emergencies.

ADT monitoring centers are interconnected, so if the one closest to you goes down for any reason, another is there to provide backup. You won’t lose response time in the event of natural disasters or other mishaps that might send a monitoring center offline. Your signal will be immediately sent to the next monitoring center in line.

Each monitoring center is capable of taking over 20,000 calls in any given day and the six centers respond to over 19 million alarm signals each year.

The extra monitoring centers are a large part of the reason that ADT monitoring is available in over 200 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, giving them the largest network in the security industry.

They have locations spread throughout Florida, Texas, Tennessee and New York, though the location of the nearest call center is not important in terms of the quality of service you’ll receive. All signals received from ADT monitoring security systems are sent electronically meaning that distance will not be an issue.

The monitoring and call centers across the U.S. allow ADT monitoring to provide exceptional and fast service for any residential or business security needs.

Even if you’re not located within close distance to one of ADT monitoring’s six monitoring centers, you’ll receive just as prompt of service as someone located right next door to one.

ADT monitoring’s commitment to providing the most efficient, reliable service possible is showcased in their decision to establish multiple monitoring centers to maintain service even in the worst emergencies and weather. No matter how many customers sign up, ADT monitoring can handle the load.