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The Top 20% of Ways to Make Your Home Green

There are a lot of green home tips out there on the web. There’s Top 10 Ways to Make Your Home Green, The 10 easiest ways to green your home, and 9 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient, just to name a few.

Everyone wants to save money, and a good number of us would like to feel a bit better about our impact on the environment, but with all of the green home tips) out there the experience of knowing what to do can be daunting.

So we’ve gone through all of the best tips around the web and found the top 20% of ways to make your home green. Check out the tips here:


The best insulation will help slow the rate of heat flowing out of your home in the winter and in during the summer. Not only can properly installed insulation help control the temperature in your home, it can save you a lot of money (and preserve energy) by having you use your A/C and heating less than usual.

Cutting down on water

There are litterally hundreds of ways to conserve water ( Save water and your water bill will go down, and you’ll be helping dolphins and stuff. Using a low-flow toilet and simply turning the water off while washing your hands or dishes can save a lot over the course of a year.

Use green cleaning supplies

A lot of household cleaners include toxic chemicals. Use green cleaners to help the environment and also to help your health too. Don’t believe anyone who says that organic and green cleaning supplies don’t work as well as chemical cleaners, it’s just not true (your grandmother likely just used baking soda and vinegar to clean).

Stop abusing paper towels

Paper towels are one of the largest sources of waste from homes. If you can, cut back on how many paper towels you use by investing in washable, recycled washrags.


You can use 66% less energy with your lights by switching to CFL (compact flourescent light bulbs) in your home. Not only do CFL bulbs conserve energy, but they last up to 10 times longer. That’s a lot of saving for such a simple change.

Upgrade your stuff

Old refridgerators, furnaces, and other appliances can really hurt your energy bills every month. Take the top to invest in new, more energy-effecient appliances and you’ll find yourself not only saving the environment, but also energy and the starin on your wallet. It’s worth it.

Solar panels (of course)

If you can afford to install solar panels to power even a small percentage of your utilities or appliances, you’ll save money and conserve energy. You could even make your own solar charger and create a small charger for iPods.

Plug air leaks

If you have old windows or door frames in your home, consider an upgrade or simply putting filler in the cracks. You would be suprrised at how much you can save on your utility bills by even putting duct tape over your window borders. Just be sure that there’s a way for your home to circulate fresh air.

Use recycled products

Glass, paper bags, linens, anything goes. If you can buy it recycled (and most things you can) you’re not only saving money, you’re also supporting product re-use and helping the environment that way as well.

Turn off anything you’re not using

Coffee machines, computers, kitchen lights, anything you can turn off (or unplug) while not using will help you convsere energy. Really! If you don’t believe us then try it out for a month and see the results for yourself. Photo sources: Jon Rawlinson. Jeremy Levine. Roman Soto.

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