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The Future of Home Setup? It’s Already Here

Roughly 35% of home owners are interested in being able to remotely control the lights, temperature, and appliances in their home.

If that’s not tech enough for you, about half of U.S. households report that they’d sign-up for email and text alerts in case of fire, water or gas leaks, or a break-in. Of course, with 30% of those same households having professional security installed in their homes by 2020, this type of technology is coming closer and closer to being available in a good majority of homes over the next few years.

Can you imagine it? Being able to not only control your thermostat and lights from anywhere inside (or outside) your home, but also being notified immediately of a leak, a fire, or a break-in?

Bill Ablondi, a director of home systems at Parks Associates, chimes in on the uprising in home-connectivity by saying: “With the popularity of smartphones, tablets, and other Web-enabled devices, consumers are carrying a link to their home systems.”

So the future of home security and comfort is nearly in our hands. With about 83% of the population owning a cell phone and 35% of adults owning a “smart” phone, access to technology that connects directly to homes is just around the corner. If your home isn’t setup for mobile access and control yet, do you think you would get it? There are companies, such as Schlage, which already offer home connectivity at reasonable prices, but there’s a feeling in the air of even more connectivity at lower prices is just around the corner.

If you could access your home setup and alarm system from anywhere in the world (and get notifications automatically if something were to go wrong) would you sign up for such a service?

*Data source: IPTV.

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