Most Burglarized U.S. Cities Per Capita

The heat map displays each state’s most burglarized city from greatest (dark red) to least (light red). [Click to expand]     According to FBI data, over 1.5 million burglaries were reported across the United States in 2015. Hopefully, yours wasn’t among the households burgled that year, but your chances of experiencing a break-in might depend


Secure Your Trash Cans, Secure Your Identity

When was the last time you asked Siri or Google a question? Whether you were searching for a random fact or something slightly more important, many of us expect the internet to provide us with limitless information. What we’d often like to deny, however, is how much of our personal information is also tangled up


9 Things You Didn’t Know About Home Security

Opened wooden door to modern living room interior

A Beginners Guide to Home Security Whether you’ve owned a house for years or the ink is still drying on your first real estate contract, now is the time to install a security system. But with all the options and technology available, it can be hard to decide exactly what is the best alarm system


How to Protect Your Rental Property

Protect Your Rental Property with Proper Security

Buying property is one of the best ways to invest and get a return on your money. If you’re stepping into the real estate world hoping for a safe investment, be aware that safety, financial or otherwise, won’t come easily. In fact, the US Department of Justice found that “households living in rental properties experienced


Can Home Security Improve Your Health?

Your home's security affects your health.

When it comes to good health practices, some things never change. Drink water. Eat a balanced diet. Exercise. Get vaccinated. But how many of us have our own theories about how to kill a fever or relieve a migraine? There are plenty of home remedies and wives’ tales out there, and the last thing this


Is Your Yard a Burglar’s Paradise?

Your home is your sanctuary. As a place where you gather to relax with friends and family, it should be where you feel the safest. But did you know that your safe haven could also be a target for burglars? Just like your home, your backyard needs extra care to protect you and your family


ADT Does a Great Job of Creating New Jobs

With an unemployment rate teetering at eight percent, out of work Americans could use some good news about job creation. It looks like ADT is giving it to them. The story unfolded last September, when Tyco International approved the split of ADT into a separate company, ADT Corp. ADT Corp. started trading on the New


4 out of 5 Burglars Select Victims Using Social Media Cues

When we consider how to protect our home from burglars, social media doesn’t typically come to mind, but it should. In addition to locking your doors and windows, installing exterior motion activated lights, and keeping shrubby low, you now need to consider how social media may leave your home vulnerable to burglars. A survey completed