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Prevention Starts With The Appearance of Prevention When it Comes to Home Security

Whether or not you actually have a mean dog in your backyard, a sign hanging on your fence that reads “Beware of Dog” can still be effective for keeping people out of your back yard. The perception of home security can often be as good as actual home security, if it’s presented properly. After all, burglars are generally people looking for an easy target.

Homes that appear to be protected by a professional home security service — complete with exterior lighting, cameras, and deadbolt locks on every door — will appear to be too much of a hassle for the typical burglar.

Home Security Systems

The best way to help prevent a burglar from robbing your home is to have a professionally monitored home security system installed. Aside from the technology involved, consider some of the other things included in a typical home security package: a yard sign and a window sticker. Lo-tech security items, like signs and stickers, are effective at helping to deter burglars, which is exactly why professional alarm companies include them in their home security packages.

Deadbolts and Sash Locks

One sure-fire way to safeguard your home is the appearance of deadbolt locks on every exterior door, and sash locks on windows. Not only are these types of locks tough to break, there’s no good way to do it without creating the loud, unmistakable noise of a door being kicked in and a doorframe shattering. Bottom line, these sounds attract a lot of attention, which is a burglars worst enemy. Psychologically, locks of this nature can also cause a burglar to let his imagination run wild, wondering what other types of security measures are in place.

Dummy Cameras

Wireless home security cameras are often effective, but they do come with hardware that needs to be installed and configured. Many wonder if you’re already going through the process of installing cameras around the exterior of your house, why not just install the real thing?

The first, and most obvious answer, is that dummy cameras are cheaper than the real thing, so the effort of installing non-working cameras is easily offset by savings. The other solution is to install real cameras alongside the dummy cameras.

Giving the appearance that your property is completely protected by watchful wireless eyes, whether fully functioning or not, can be enough to make potential burglars pass up your house.

Large Dog

Many dog breeds are excellent for home security. They can be trained to do a wide range of things in many different situations, which can translate to peace of mind for its owner. Simulating the presence of a guard dog can also be quite effective. “Beware of Dog” signs, as mentioned above, can work wonders for keeping burglars off your property, as can other things that give off the perception that you have a dog, like large dog toys, bones, and thick ropes.

Random Lights and Television Sounds

Most people watch television in the evenings, move from room-to-room throughout their house, go to bed and shut off the lights, and occasionally get up throughout the night for a snack or to use the bathroom.

Many of these things can be simulated with the help of timers. Whether you purchase a simple analog timer or something digital and more sophisticated, they can be effective at deterring burglars. Anything in your house that plugs into an electrical outlet can be set to turn on and off at strategic times. Lamps, radios, televisions, computers, and even coffee makers can be used to simulate the presence of activity in your house.

Making your house more challenging to breach—even in appearance alone—will ultimately help protect you, your family, and your possessions from potential home invaders.

What other tips do you have to make your home less appealing to burglars?

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