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In Plain Sight: the Dirt on Laundry Room Dangers

The fourth installment of In Plain Sight unfolds the hidden dangers lurking in your laundry room. You may think the laundry room is one of the cleaner and safest rooms in your home, but there’s a few hidden dangers that you may not be aware of entirely. Here are a handful for you to consider.


The First 7 Things You Should Do After Buying a Home

Homeownership is awesome, no doubt about it. But it can also come with a lot of headaches, especially if your dream home turns out to be a money pit. However, there are a few things you should do as soon as your buy a home to ensure that everything is properly taken care of and


What to Do After Signing the Purchase Contract on a New Home

Once you’ve found your dream home, have negotiated a price with the seller (or rather through the seller’s real estate agent), and signed the real estate purchase contract, what do you do? You’ve already indicated that you intend to purchase the house, and the seller can’t accept any other offers once you’ve both signed, so


New Home Tips from Four of the Best Experts

Buying a new home is without a doubt one of the biggest (and most stressful) purchases you will ever make. There is an endless amount of paperwork to sign, you have to drain your savings account to cover the down payment and simply the thought of making such a large purchase may leave your heading


In Plain Sight: While You Were Sleeping

In the third installment of In Plain Sight, we sneak a peek into the bedroom, where there’s far more to fear than monsters under the bed. The walls: Lead paint is common in homes built before 1980. Especially hazardous for children, lead poisoning has been linked to nervous system damage, kidney damage, stunted growth, and


What You Didn’t Know About Buying a New Home

Many first-time home buyers jump into a new home without really knowing what they are getting into. But that’s okay. We’ve all had to learn the ins and outs of buying a home and what home ownership entails. However, there are few things you might want to consider before jumping into home ownership. They are


In Plain Sight: Secret Kitchen Killers

In the second installment of our In Plain Sight series, we are peering at perils in the kitchen. Beyond sharp knives and hot stoves, the kitchen is filled with potential hazards for your family. Take a look for yourself. BPA: The main component of polycarbonate, the hard clear plastic used in water bottles, baby bottles,


In Plain Sight: Killers Lurking in Your Bathroom

You want your home to be a haven for your family, so you take careful measures to make it as safe as possible. You place protective covers over sharp corners. You install baby-gates across stairways. You block electrical outlets from tiny, curious fingers. Your efforts are important to the health and safety of your family,


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