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ADT Does a Great Job of Creating New Jobs

With an unemployment rate teetering at eight percent, out of work Americans could use some good news about job creation. It looks like ADT is giving it to them.

The story unfolded last September, when Tyco International approved the split of ADT into a separate company, ADT Corp. ADT Corp. started trading on the New York Stock Exchange on October 1, 2012 and hiring immediately became a major priority. In addition to the 1,200 employees gained this past year, ADT has steadily added hundreds of jobs across the country since the split. And, according to Security Systems News, Anita Graham, chief human resources officer for ADT, job recruitment will take center stage in 2013.

Why is ADT Hiring?

It’s true that filling corporate positions once covered by Tyco personnel accounts for some new-hires, but the anticipated growth of the home security company accounts for the bulk of new employees. Home automation is just one reason the security giant may need to ramp up its sales and tech force. Currently, ADT provides security systems for about a quarter of all American households that have an active system, according to information submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission by ADT. Roughly 16,000 ADT workers are engaged in supporting those system, but the popularity of home automation could skyrocket that figure.

Home automation systems offer homeowners and business owners the chance to monitor video, lock and unlock doors, turn on appliances and regulate thermostats whether they are around the corner or around the globe.

The Philadelphia Inquirer” reports that ADT CEO, Naren K. Gursahaneym, CEO of ADT Corp., said, “The ability to participate in your family or monitor your family or your business from wherever you are, that’s the kind of culture we’re in right now. People want to be connected, whether it’s their homes or businesses.”

ADT’s Recruitment Efforts

Graham reportedly told Security Systems News that, “For [this] year … talent acquisition is a really critical area for us because as a stand-alone company now we need to develop our own employer value proposition.”

In an effort to enlarge its workforce with competent employees, while establishing its employer value proposition, ADT is exploring several innovative recruitment outlets. Graham claims ADT is developing a way to enlist potential employees through their cell phones and will further develop its early career program which cultivates college interns into possible long-term team members. Military personnel represent a valuable pool of potential workers, and ADT isn’t overlooking that fact. ADT plans on recruiting military personnel to serve in positions such as sales representatives and technicians.

ADT’s Future

ADT’s future as a stand-alone company looks bright, especially after capturing the talents of Arthur Orduña, the company’s recently hired chief innovation officer.

Orduña told Security Systems News” as saying innovations that ADT will be looking at are “newer technologies on the horizon that may not be playing in the security industry today, but there’s no reason why they couldn’t play in the security industry tomorrow.”

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