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I live in Aurora. Why do I need monitored ADT home security?

With its top-notch sports teams, fun things to do, and friendly neighbors, it's no wonder people enjoy living in Aurora. While there's a lot of great things happening in Aurora, it's not without its problems. Consider this: 4 murders and 425 aggravated assaults took place there in 2013. As if that's not nerve-wracking enough, the real tragedy lies in the fact that many of these violent crimes occurred in the home.

These statistics are disturbing, but with on your side—you can help protect your home and loved ones. Homes in Aurora that have home security systems are three times less likely to be broken into, according to data. can show you what home security and alarm systems are currently available in Aurora. There are also resources to give you useful information about the technology and features to help you choose a security package that meets your needs and fits your price range. Give us a call today to find out more about how home security systems can help keep your Aurora home safe.

Not sure if you need monitored ADT security for your Aurora home? Here are five benefits you may not have thought of.

Peace of Mind

Home security is essential in modern society—especially in light of the 576 burglaries that were committed in Aurora last year. With a home security system, you'll rest easier knowing your home and loved ones are protected. In fact, peace of mind is the primary reason Aurora residents invest in home security systems.

Protection For Your Family and Personal Property

Feeling like your family and home may be unsafe? You don't have to risk the threat of a break-in! With Aurora security systems, your home will be armed against intruders. And when unusual activity occurs, like the opening of a window or door, you'll be immediately alerted, so you can feel confident in your home security.

Help Protect Your Home Against Fire and Carbon Monoxide

Nationwide, approximately 430 people die of carbon monoxide poisoning each year.§ These incidents show that home security requires more than keeping your home safe from burglars. Fortunately, home security alarms can also sense smoke and carbon monoxide before they seriously threaten your Aurora home.[1]

Save Energy and Other Costs

If you're like many Aurora residents, you're constantly looking for ways to cut costs on the services you need. And if you can do your part to protect the environment in the process, so much the better! A properly equipped home security system could help you take care of both those issues. Some systems can even detect unusually high moisture levels and alert you to potential leaks or flooding before they become financially devastating problems.

Automate and Monitor Your Home While You're Away

Leaving your home unprotected simply doesn't make sense when you consider that there were 2285§ thefts in Aurora last year.§ Thankfully, you have a choice—you can get home monitoring and home automation with many Aurora home security systems. That means you'll be able to keep tabs on your home from pretty much anywhere. You'll always feel better about being away from home knowing that you can use your smartphone to access your home's system, at any time.

How much does monitored ADT security cost?

Since 119§ burglaries occurred last year in Aurora, installing a home security system could be viewed as a wise financial decision. The price of home alarm systems vary depending on several factors like the size of your home and whether you want extra features that offer additional security measure such as security cameras, monitoring services, or home automation equipment. Here are a few of the home security packages currently available in your area:

ADT Pulse®
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27 mo

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ADT Pulse®
+ Video
58 mo

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If you’re constantly searching for keys or are worried about having your locks picked, get a keypanel for your alarm system in Aurora!


Curious about what’s going on around the house when you’re not at home in Aurora? Home security cameras provide a convenient way to monitor your property—whether you want to keep tabs while you’re away on vacation, or check on the kids and pets during the day. You can even set up your system to automatically record intruders if your home suffers a burglary.

Motion Sensors

Whether you're hosting guests with children, or you have pets that need to be kept out of certain areas of your home, there are modern security systems designed to serve you. Motion sensors are probably most well-known for their ability to alert you to possible break-ins and intruders. However, you can also receive personal notifications letting you know if your little loved ones have tried to venture into your home office, basement, or any other off-limits area of your home. With a large selection of features and comprehensive monitoring services offered both day and night, you'll always feel safe and sound in your Aurora home.

Door/Window Sensors

Add additional security for your Aurora residence with these sensors that will deliver an alert each time a window or door opens or closes. Alarms do more than fend off criminals. They can also help you keep track of your children, pets, and other loved ones.