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Top 5 Reasons Single Moms Are Safer Than Married Moms

When it comes to safety in the home, single moms tend to be far more secure than their married counterparts. It’s true. As the only parent in the home, single mothers feel a greater responsibility to protect their families and properties. Their circumstances have also made it so that single moms are more aware of


How to Pack a Punch by Using Your head

We like to think that we live in an egalitarian society, but when it comes to home security, women are at a disadvantage. The fact is, most home intruders are men, and most men are stronger than most women. Is this true of everyone? No. Are there wimpy men and brawny women? Sure. But most


Why Aren’t there Any Good Resources For Single Mothers Online?

Single mothers have a lot to deal with, but that doesn’t mean they’re weak. If you’re a single mom, you struggle a lot like anybody else, but even the best of us needs help from time-to-time. There isn’t a single human being out there who can make it on their own. Which makes us wonder


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