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Help Protect Your Home in LA with our ADT Monitored Security Property Protection Guide

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No matter what attracted you to Los Angeles in the first place, the City of Angels will keep you entertained and inspired for years to come as a booming metropolis of scenic beauty and international acclaim. Whether you favor a stroll through the illustrious Hollywood Hall of Fame, an enchanting experience at Disneyland, or a getaway at one of Malibu’s secluded beaches, Los Angeles can give you a level of variety that is nearly unparalleled in the United States.

Yet, with such a robust selection of attractions and more than 3.9 million people who call Los Angeles home, it’s no wonder this city also has its fair share of crime. With that in mind, you might find yourself wondering, “What are the best security companies near me?” Bolster your household with a top-of-the-line ADT Monitored security system.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about an ADT home security in Los Angeles from comparisons of packages and the installation process to tips on keeping your home as safe as possible.

ADT Monitored Security Systems in LA

Whether you’re a young family just getting your start in Playa Del Rey or you’ve lived in Bradbury for  more than 30 years, there is an ADT monitored security system that suits your needs. And a wide variety of equipment and services are available from Protect Your Home, an ADT Authorized Premier Provider. You can choose from the most basic essentials to a more in-depth combination with all the bells and whistles.

Need help making an informed decision? View our complete overview of prices and packages or call us at 1-855-694-2561.

Basic Package starts at $27.99/mo

  • Security monitoring
  • Equipment includes: wireless control panel, door/window sensors, small pet-immune motion detector, window stickers, and ADT yard signs
  • Landline required
  • $99 Installation cost
  • Most affordable package

Basic Wireless starts at $48.99/mo:

  • Wireless security monitoring
  • Includes the same equipment as a basic package, plus an intelligent key fob
  • Includes CellGuard®, which connects you wirelessly to ADT monitoring centers
  • Perfect for wireless houses

Pulse®: starting at $52.99/mo

  • Wireless security monitoring
  • Includes the same equipment as the Basic Wireless package
  • Includes ADT Pulse®, a system that gives you total security system control from any web-enabled device, anywhere in the world
  • Gives you immediate mobile security notifications
  • Perfect for homeowners who want maximum anytime, anywhere control

Pulse® + Video starts at $58.99/mo

  • Wireless security monitoring
  • Includes the same equipment as the ADT Pulse® package plus video cameras
  • Access video surveillance footage on-the-go using ADT Pulse®
  • Perfect for on-the-go homeowners who want anytime access to their security systems along with video surveillance for added protection

Answers to Your Questions About ADT Installation in Los Angeles

As soon as you’ve nailed down the package you want for your Los Angeles home, it’s time to get it installed! Each package from Protect Your Home offers professional installation by a local LA technician. We’ve compiled a list of some top customer questions to streamline the process:

How Do I Schedule Professional Installation?

Online Orders

If you choose to order your security system online, you’ll be asked a series of questions in the online form, including the most convenient date and time to have a home security technician visit your house to set up your equipment and activate your system.

Phone Orders

If you order your security system over the phone, you will be asked about your availability to set up a personalized installation date and time with a home security technician. If for any reason you need to reschedule your installation appointment, simply call 1-855-694-2561.


ADT Professional Installation

How Long Will Installation Take?

When accounting for everything from equipment set up to activating your new system, installation of your home security system could take one hour or more. Since an adult needs to be present for the entire installation process, we recommend you plan to be home for a few hours and be prepared with your credit card for payment.

How Should I Prepare for my Installation Appointment?

You can prepare for installation day in a few simple ways. Start by creating your MyADT account. Once you sign up, you can order yard signs, view your bill, add emergency contacts, and more, all through your online account.

Here are a few steps you can take to ensure your home is ready on installation day:

  • Ensure your high-speed internet and WiFi are functioning correctly and with no connectivity problems.
  • For a traditional security system, double check your landline for connectivity.
  • Update your computer with the current versions of Apple QuickTime and Java. You may also need to update your computer’s operating system to the latest version.
  • Download the ADT Pulse® smartphone app.
  • Keep pets secure in another room.
  • Trim foliage away from windows if you are installing window sensors.
  • Brainstorm potential locations for cameras, if applicable.
  • Have your contract ready for the technician to review.

How Much Does Installation Cost?

The total price for professional installation varies based on what package you choose. For instance, if you choose the Basic Package, installation starts at $99, and installation prices increase as package prices do, because they include additional equipment and services. All installation costs are one-time fees. To verify the unique cost for your security system installation, give us a call on one of these customer service numbers.

Do I Need to Be Home During My Scheduled Installation Time?

Yes. Someone over the age of 18 who can speak for the needs and information of your household must be present while the technician installs your ADT monitored security system. Please remember to have your payment method and contract available at the time of installation.

What Do I Need to Do After Installation?

You’re all set! We recommend first creating a MyADT account and updating your contact information, bill paying preferences, and emergency contact information, and requesting insurance certificates. Then, feel free to start exploring your new system. Check out the various settings of your security system on the wireless keypad that comes included in all home security packages, practice arming and disarming your system or testing the door and window sensors, and, if you have a high-definition video camera, get to know the recording features and monitoring options. Lastly, update your settings after you use the system for a few days to maximize personalization and help your home remain as safe and protected as possible with the best home security camera system for you.

Find Instant Customer Service in Los Angeles

Whether you’re looking for technical support or have questions about billing, customer service can provide you with a quick and comprehensive solution. For immediate 24/7 support, call us at 1-855-694-2561. You can also click here to request a phone call at your earliest convenience.

If you don’t need immediate help or you prefer online assistance, browse the links below. Bear in mind that if you email instead of call, you can typically expect a response within 72 hours:

Get Your Home up to LA Regulations with the Help of an ADT Monitored Security System

As the second most populous city in the US, less populated only than New York City, Los Angeles is brimming with opportunity, sights, and adventure. It also comes with its fair share of rules and regulations to help its residents stay as safe as possible.

When choosing to install a home security system, there are a few inherent regulations required by the city of Los Angeles. To avoid needless fines and abide by the law to the best of your ability, make sure you educate yourself on LA’s laws regarding home security systems. To get you started off on the right foot, we’ve got the scoop on all the latest security system laws and regulations as you adjust to your new ADT monitored security system.

Apply and Register for Home Security Alarms

In Los Angeles, it’s required by law that you register your alarm with the Los Angeles Police Department. First, you must apply to install a home security alarm. Once it’s installed, you must register your ADT monitored security system, here.

For more information on LA regulations for home security systems, visit the LAPD alarm FAQ section.

Alarm permits

In the city of Los Angeles, you are required by law to have a permit to use a home security alarm. The cost of an alarm permit is $43, and the cost to renew it is $30. You are required to display your permit on the outside of your house, so that it is visible to police officers if or when they come to the premises in the event of a home robbery.

You’ll be charged a whopping $289 for a false alarm triggered without a permit as opposed to $189 if triggered with a permit. Those fees increase with every additional false trigger. Save money and abide by the law, and register or renew your alarm.

False Alarms: Do They Really Matter?

We certainly think so. Since triggering a false alarm (an alert that is sent to the police department when no crime occurred) can squander city resources and money, you’ll be hit with serious fines if they go off accidentally.

Common False Alarm Triggers You Can Avoid

Since false alarms can carry with them a hefty fine, wasting police officers time, and hitting you with a lot of extra bureaucratic hoops to jump through, it’s best to avoid them altogether whenever possible! At Your Local Security, we’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest culprits in triggering false alarms, so you can know how to help avoid them:

  • Windows and doors left ajar. As the most vulnerable entrances to your home, doors and windows must remain closed and locked to create the safest home. If you leave a window even slightly cracked or you don’t lock your door and it accidentally swings open, your ADT monitored security system sees this as a burglar and will call the police station on your behalf, spurring  a false alarm.
  • Inclement weather. Your ADT monitored security system is designed to withstand many types of weather, but extreme winds like those of hurricanes or intense rain could potentially trigger your alarm. To avoid this mother nature-inspired false alert, make sure you track the weather and plan to be home or disarm your system during particularly powerful storms.
  • Canines and felines. Pets, especially larger ones like cats and dogs, can inadvertently set off an alert, especially when you’re not home. Be sure to invest in pet-immune sensors—which track human movement but overlook the motion of smaller animals—so you can have peace of mind whenever you leave your cuddly creatures behind.
  • Old equipment or batteries. Outdated equipment and batteries can fail more easily, signaling a problem—and therefore a false alarm—to your local police station. Keep your equipment and batteries up to date to help minimize false triggers and maintain a safer home.
  • Too many code attempts. If you try to enter your ADT monitored security system code more than a couple times, the system is designed to send an alert that someone might be trying to break into your home. Make sure you have the arm/disarm code memorized, so you can keep from alerting the police when you simply lost track of a few numbers.
  • Objects placed by sensors. Things like heavy or flowy drapes, holiday decorations, and even pets can catch a sensor and trigger an alarm, so it’s best to keep all obstructions far away from your sensors to keep from accidentally triggering one.

Additional Steps to Help Avoid False Alarms

In most cases, you can avoid triggering false alarms for your home security system by being aware of a few simple tips. Check out our list of easy ways to keep from accidentally summoning the police to your home.

  • Check and replace batteries often.For battery-powered security systems, be sure to keep a note of when you install the batteries and replace them often to ensure your system is functioning at full power.
  • Memorize your code.Make sure you can quickly remember this code, but others wouldn’t be able to crack it. We don’t recommend including any personal information, such as your birthday, address, or other PIN numbers. Be sure to jot it down and keep in a safe location.
  • Consider pet-friendly sensors. It can be irritating—and costly—to have the alarm go off every time your cat saunters by the sensor. Luckily, there are pet-immune sensors that detect human motion but ignore the movement of smaller animals. Consider choosing these, especially if you own multiple pets.
  • Ensure your family or roommates know how to use the alarm.False alarms often occur simply from a lack of knowledge on how to operate the system. Be sure to train your household members (and maybe even a neighbor!) on how to use your system to help prevent a false alarm.
  • Be aware of obstructions.Take care in adjusting furniture or hanging new photos, drapes, or frames to ensure you don’t accidentally trip an alarm.

A Few Safe, Family-Friendly LA Neighborhoods

Land a job in the City of Angels and need a few hints on where to plant your feet? From Chinatown to Bel-Air, the boroughs of Los Angeles are as diverse as its many residents. Check out some of our top picks for safe, affordable neighborhoods in the greater Los Angeles area.

Sherman Oaks: Located in the Valley, Sherman Oaks is a lovely little suburban community—the perfect setting for young families. With a walkability score of 62 and schools like Dixie Canyon Community Charter with an elementary school ranking of 9/10, Sherman Oaks is an ideal setting to raise kids in a safe, nurturing environment.

Beverlywood: A small neighborhood (only .79 square miles!) on a wealthier side of West Los Angeles, Beverlywood ranks low on incidents of violent crime and gives its residents a tight-knit community feel.

Chatsworth Reservoir: This charming neighborhood ranks as the #1 safest place to live in LA, according to Niche. It earned itself an A- in overall safety, and a C+ in schools.

Westwood: Home to the University of California at Los Angeles, Westwood combines a college-town feel with neighborhoods still perfect for a family.

Encino: Located in the Valley, Encino is a perfect option for families looking for a fresh but suburban living situation. In fact, Niche gives Encino an overall A- grade.

Map of Los Angeles, California NeighborhoodsThings to Do in Los Angeles

Considering a move to Los Angeles or lived here for a while but want to play tourist for some out-of-town guests? Take a peek at a few of our top picks for fun, LA-exclusive activities:

Griffith Observatory: Nestled on Mount Hollywood, the Griffith Observatory offers stunning views of Los Angeles as well as the cosmos above. Check out the impressive planetarium—or even host a star party for the kiddos!

Third Street Promenade: Set against the charming backdrop of Santa Monica Pier, Third Street Promenade is a three-block stretch of pedestrian-only shopping, music, street performing, and more. Spend an afternoon or take a few friends to spend the whole day.

Chinatown: After you’ve gotten your fill of some of the best local Chinese cuisine at places like Yang Chow Restaurant or Chego’s, head on over to the Wishing Well or take a stroll through some of the many statuesque Pagoda-style buildings of LA’s Chinatown.

The Getty Center: For art aficionados of all genres, The Getty Center might just be a perfect fit. As a sprawling, 2-campus fine art museum, The Getty Center features the Getty Villa located in Malibu and the larger J. Paul Getty Museum in the Brentwood neighborhood, and houses work from artists hailing from all over the world.

La Brea Tar Pits and Museum: Fun fo

r the whole family, the La Brea Tar Pits are an LA gem located along the Miracle Mile and packed with activities for kids and parents alike. Jump back millions of years to relive the era of the dinosaurs with exhibits like Ice Age time capsules, excavations observations, and more.

Areas in LA with Above Average Crime

It shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that just as they are a host of family-friendly locales in the greater Los Angeles area, there are also certain neighborhoods that contribute more to the Los Angeles crime rate. As a homeowner or renter, you might be wondering, “What is the rate of crime near me?” Knowing which neighborhoods tend to see the most property crime, and even arrests for those crimes, can help you choose a home in area that is less likely to experience theft. According to the LA Times 2017 Crime Map, Santa Susana Mnts, Rancho Park, Chesterfield Square, Fairfax, and Rancho Dominguez are at the top of the list for property crime in Los Angeles.

Help Prevent Property Crime in LA

A home robbery can knock you back thousands of dollars in a blink. That’s why it’s best to stop burglars before they even try to break in. Since thieves tend to scope out a home’s susceptibilities before striking, here are some surefire tips to minimize those weak spots and keep your Los Angeles home as safe and secure as possible.

Guard Against Break-Ins with These 7 Safety Tips:

  1. Secure All Entrances:That’s right: lock your doors, folks! This easy step is often overlooked, especially for those living in one of the many perceived safe neighborhoods of LA. When you invest in ADT monitored smart locks, you can lock your door remotely via the ADT Pulse® app when you need to leave the house in a hurry.
  2. Leave Those Lights On:Keeping your house well lit can make all the difference when helping to prevent your home from being targeted for theft. Know you’ll be hanging out at the James Ervin Japanese Garden and won’t be home until after sunset, but don’t want to leave a lamp on all day long? Save energy by using ADT monitored smart lighting system that allows you to control your lighting from your mobile device no matter what end of the Valley you’re on.
  3. Invest in a Home Security System: Installing a home monitoring system, especially one equipped with surveillance and sensors, is one of the most effective ways to help prevent theft, according to a study by Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice. With an ADT monitored security system paired with your choice of equipment, features, and smart home devices you can bolster the security of your home immediately.
  4. Join Neighborhood Watch:Getting involved in a local neighborhood watch campaign can increase the security not only of your home but the entire neighborhood as well. To learn more about the LAPD’s neighborhood initiatives, check out its community policing programs.
  5. Ask Your Next-Door Neighbor:If you’re going to be away from home for an extended time, consider asking someone who lives on your street to keep an an extra out for suspicious activity, take in your mail, or even shovel the driveway on snowy days to keep your home looking freshly lived in.
  6. Maintain That Foliage: Criminals are often looking for a more discreet way to enter a home than traipsing through the front door. It might be surprising to imagine, but tall trees and large bushes can act as  natural ladders that thieves use to sneak into second story windows or attics. Ensure that large trees and foliage stay well groomed and a safe distance away from windows.
  7. Make Yard Signs Visible:Even the little act of displaying your ADT Monitoring signs prominently in your front yard can serve as a deterrent to potential thieves, who will be more likely to attempt to rob a home where they know there is no security system.


Add Remote Control with an ADT Security System in Los Angeles

When you’re out on the town but suddenly remember you forgot to shut the garage—where you store your new bike and other expensive sports equipment—remote control of your devices could potentially save you thousands.

The following ADT monitored security features allow you to remotely manage settings to a variety of equipment and services for your ADT monitored security system. You don’t even need a WiFi connection.

Garage door control

An open garage door is one of the easiest access points to your home, making it a tempting entrance and gateway for a burglar. Not only might you keep expensive possessions, such as motorcycles, vehicles, machinery, and tools, in your garage, but it often leads directly into your home as well. A garage door controller gives you complete, hands-on management over your garage door from almost anywhere via your smartphone. That way, if you think you might have forgotten to close it before heading off to work, you can double check on your ADT Pulse® app.

Smart door locks

You’ll never have to run to the store to hurriedly make copies of your house keys for the dog walker when you invest in smart door locks. These next-gen door locks don’t require keys and can increase your security and save you time as they allow you to lock and unlock your front door right from your smartphone. You can choose to let in a delivery person you trust, a house sitter when you’re on vacation, or double check that you’ve locked your door even after you’ve left.

Burglary monitoring

In every home security system, ADT offers 24/7 burglary monitoring by trained experts. You’ll have eyes watching over your home to help catch threats even when you’re asleep. With ADT Monitoring, you’ll get alerts to suspicious activity or dangers. The company’s trained professionals can even get in touch with emergency personnel when you can’t be home, so you can have added peace of mind no matter where you are.

Remotely arm and disarm your alarm system

The ADT Pulse® app gives you total control over your entire Los Angeles home security system—right from your fingertips. Choose “arm away” or “arm stay,” get notified about broken sensors, and even set up alerts when your home is unarmed with this convenient app.

Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors can sense even a fraction of an increase in this toxic gas, allowing you to get your family to safety before any true harm is done. Since carbon monoxide is a silent and invisible gas, it’s essential to equip your home with constant monitoring to maintain healthy oxygen levels in your home.

In addition, smoke detectors give you a heads up immediately upon a hint of smoke rising from a brewing fire. These specialized sensors can pick up on smoke much more quickly than a human nose, and can help give you life-saving time to get out of the house.

Immediate emergency help

Once your ADT monitored system senses and triggers a sensor or alarm, ADT Monitoring professionals will contact you or emergency personnel in the event that you are unable to answer. No matter what situation you are in, ADT is always ready to assist during an emergency.

Get the Latest in AI Home Tech by Adding Home Automation for your ADT Monitored System in LA

Be at the forefront of AI home technology and increase the efficiency and convenience to your home with home automation in LA. Check out some of our top surveillance equipment and security services, including some of the best home security cameras, to see how ADT home automation could fit into your lifestyle. (Equipment and features may vary by state and provider. Please speak with a representative for available equipment in your area).

Video surveillance

Catch criminals in the act (or your dog getting into the trash can!) with video surveillance cameras. Combined with motion sensors, these cameras can detect movement, see in nightvision, record footage, and even send alerts to your mobile device when they sense suspicious activity. Plus, you can change settings and monitor the feed of your security cameras for home right from the ADT Pulse® app. Choose from a variety of camera options to build the best home security camera system for you.

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats are at the forefront of streamlined living through home automation. Tend to turn up the heat as you’re about to curl up with a good book at 8pm? Or perhaps you turn it down as you head off to work? Your smart thermostat takes notice, and after a few days it will adjust the temperature settings accordingly. Maximize your energy efficiency and shave time off your daily routine when you choose smart thermostats.

Amazon Echo’s Alexa(™) gives you voice control over your home

She’s the future of home automation. Now, using just your WiFi signal, you can not only control your home from your smartphone, but you can manage settings with just the sound of your voice. Have your hands tied up cooking or folding laundry? Simply speak commands, such as “Alexa, lock the front door” or “Alexa, show me Camera 2,” to Amazon Echo’s Alexa™,­ and she’ll make your desired changes.

Monitor your front porch from your smartphone with a video doorbell

Expecting a package from Amazon to arrive any minute but can’t swing a trip home in between meetings? An ADT monitored video doorbell might just be your answer. Giving you a wide viewing radius of your entire front entrance and the ability to speak with anyone on your doorstep, you can tell the delivery person to leave your package in a safer location or let the dog-walker in while you’re on a trip to Universal Studios with the family. No matter who comes to your door, a video doorbell allows you to appear home to outsiders for increased security and added convenience.

Remote lighting control

Having a neighbor come over to water your plants every weeknight while you’re away? Flip on a light for them as they enter your house—even if you’re on the other side of the country. ADT monitored remote lighting control lets you manage your synced lighting fixtures directly from your smartphone to save on your monthly energy bill and increase security.

Personalized settings

Every lifestyle is unique, and we want your home security system to be able to reflect that. After you’ve installed a ADT monitored security system, you’ll be able to customize your settings however you wish, adding ease, efficiency, and personalization to your day-to-day routine.

ADT Yard Sign

Long Term Protection in LA with an ADT Monitored Security System

To make the most of your time in the greater Los Angeles area, just remember to keep safety first. Investing in an ADT Monitored Security System can help you rest easy, feeling safeguarded by America’s #1 security company. With so many things to do to make your sunny California days even more bright, we’re sure you’ll love your life in LA.


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