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Live in Atlanta?

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What do you love most about living Atlanta? Is it the beauty of the Appalachian foothills and nearby outdoor activities? Is it the perks of living in a city of half a million people with a bustling downtown hub and one of the nation’s largest GDPs? Or is it living at the nexus of several major highways and railroads that easily connect you to the rest of the South?

Whatever your reasons for living in Atlanta, and whether you’re a single adult, a young working professional, or the parent of young kids, the city offers countless benefits. But, just like in any major city, life in Atlanta comes with its share of risks. According to FBI data, over 30,000 property crimes were committed in Atlanta in 2016. The city also experienced nearly 6,000 counts of violent crime, over 8,000 burglaries, and 17,741 counts of larceny/theft.

Most frighteningly, Atlanta experiences one of the highest homicide rates in the country—more than Chicago and other large cities. In fact, even though crime as a whole has declined both nationwide and in Atlanta, the murder rate in Atlanta went up an astonishing 32% in the first half of 2016 alone.     

But just because you live in a large, crime-prone city doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your safety. One way to increase your peace of mind and help protect your family and property could be to invest in a security system.

If you’re new to the city or simply interested in learning more about how an ADT Monitored security system could help you, keep reading. The team at Protect Your Home (PYH), an ADT premier provider, will tell you all about how you can get in touch with Protect Your Home to get an ADT monitored security system in Atlanta, what packages and pieces of equipment you can choose from, and much, much more.

Find Out About ADT Monitoring Pricing and Packages in Atlanta

ADT, through Protect Your Home, an ADT Monitoring premier provider, offers several monitoring options designed to meet the unique needs of homeowners across Atlanta. No matter your budget or safety and security goals, there’s a package here for you. You can see a complete overview of prices and packages on the packages page. Alternatively, keep reading to get a brief overview of Defenders package prices, installation fees, and equipment. You can order your package or ask questions about ADT monitoring costs anytime at  1-855-694-2561.

Basic Package starts at $27.99/mo

  • Security monitoring
  • Equipment includes: wireless control panel, door/window sensors, small pet-immune motion detector, window stickers, and yard signs
  • Landline required
  • $99 Installation cost
  • Most affordable package

Basic Wireless starts at $48.99/mo:

  • Wireless security monitoring
  • Includes the same equipment as a basic package, plus an intelligent key fob
  • Includes CellGuard®, which connects you wirelessly to ADT monitoring centers
  • Perfect for wireless houses

Pulse®: starting at $52.99/mo

  • Wireless security monitoring
  • Includes the same equipment as the Basic Wireless package
  • Includes ADT Pulse®, a system that gives you total security system control from any web-enabled device, anywhere in the world
  • Gives you immediate mobile security notifications
  • Perfect for homeowners who want maximum anytime, anywhere control

Pulse® + Video starts at $58.99/mo

  • Wireless security monitoring
  • Includes the same equipment as the ADT Pulse® package plus video cameras
  • Access video surveillance footage on-the-go using ADT Pulse®
  • Perfect for on-the-go homeowners who want anytime access to their security systems along with video surveillance for added protection

Get Local Help at a Nearby ADT Office

Wondering where ADT Monitoring is located in Atlanta? Good news: there are several ADT branches across the city. Drop by one of Atlanta’s ADT offices to ask questions about local pricing and services in person. To schedule installations or purchase ADT Monitored systems, you must order by calling 1-855-694-2561.

Don’t have time to drive to a local location? Don’t worry. You can get a free quote online or order your security package from Protect Your Home, an ADT Premier Provider, by calling 1-855-694-2561.


ADT Home Security Equipment - keypad and fob

Get All the Info You Need on Installation in Atlanta Here

Deciding on the right ADT monitoring security package is the hardest part, not least because there are so many options. But once you make the choice, the process is smooth sailing. Professional Protect Your Home installation is as simple as possible. Keep reading for answers to all of your questions about Protect Your Home installation in the Atlanta, GA, region.

How Do I Schedule a Professional Installation?

 If you order your security package online, you can immediately schedule a professional installation then and there. You’ll be asked to list the most convenient date and time for a security expert to visit and set up and activate your equipment. If you order your ADT Monitoring system over the phone, the representative you talk to will ask you about your preferred installation date and time.

Do you need to reschedule your installation after you schedule the time? No problem! Call 1-855-694-2561.

How Long Will Installation Take?

Installation will likely take an hour or more to complete. An adult needs to be on-site during the entire process. They should be prepared to spend a few hours at home while the professional technician completes the process. Whoever remains at home for the installation should have a credit card available to pay for installation. Learn more about costs below.

How Should I Prepare for my Installation Appointment?

You can save time on installation day by preparing your home and system in advance. Start by creating your MyADT account. Once you sign up, you can order signs through your MyADT account, view your bill, add emergency contacts, and much more.

On the day of your scheduled installation, make sure your home is ready. Pets should be in a separate room in the house, out of the installer’s way. You should also have your contract out for the installer to look over.

If you opted for a traditional security system, make sure your landline functions correctly. Choose a four-digit lock code in advance so your installer can program the system correctly. If you choose a plan with wireless ADT Pulse®, you’ll have to take a few more steps online to prepare your home for activation before your installer arrives.

Again, to save time before your professional installer from Protect Your Home arrives, take these steps:

  • Ensure your high-speed internet and Wi-Fi are functioning correctly and with no connectivity problems.
  • Update your computer with the current versions of Apple QuickTime and Java. You may also need to update your computer’s operating system to the latest version.
  • Download the ADT Pulse® smartphone app.

Finally, if you chose a package with cameras, think about where you want to install your cameras. If you’re not sure about where to place cameras for maximum security, don’t worryyour Protect Your Home installation expert can make suggestions.

How Much Does Installation Cost?

Professional installation cost varies depending on which package you choose. For instance, if you choose the Basic Package, installation starts at $99. Other systems with more equipment cost slightly more to install. To learn more about how much installation costs, talk to the representative you order your package from, or call the Protect Your Home customer service number at 1-800-689-9554.  Regardless of the package you choose, your installation cost is a one-time fee.

Do I Need to Be Home During my Scheduled Installation Time?

Yes. You, as the homeowner, or another person over the age of 18 must remain on-site during the entire installation process. The person who stays on-site should have a copy of their ADT Monitoring contract available and a method of payment.

What Do I Need to Do After Installation?

After your installation, all you need to do is get to know your system. Explore your keypad’s settings and make sure you know how to arm and disarm your system. Additionally, if you haven’t already, you should create a MyADT account and set or update your bill payment preferences, emergency contact information, set travel reminders, and request insurance certificates.  

What If I’m a Renter, Not a Homeowner?

If you’re a renter concerned about security, check with your property management company or landlord about installing a security system.

If your property management company or landlord won’t consider adding a security system, read through the renter’s guide created by ADT. In general, renters are at a higher risk of experiencing break-ins than homeowners, so follow the tips listed in the guide to help improve your chances of staying safe at home.

Get Quick Customer Support in Atlanta

Whether you’re looking for technical support or have questions about billing, Protect Your Home customer service for your ADT Monitoring services can provide you with a quick and comprehensive solution. For immediate 24/7 support, call the Protect Your Home customer service number at  1-800-689-9554. You can also click here to request a phone call at your earliest convenience.

If you don’t need immediate help or you prefer online assistance, browse the links below. Bear in mind that if you email instead of call, you can typically expect a response within 72 hours:

  • Questions specific to your Pulse® account? Visit the customer service page for ADT Pulse® Customer Service in Canada and the US.
  • Prefer online service to over-the-phone aid? Visit the ADT help center to enter your question, toggle between common topics, or enter your information to request a phone call.   
  • Do you want to take care of billing and security tasks online? Use your ADT login information to monitor your security online through the MyADT portal.

Would you rather look up the answer to a technical question on your own? Browse ADT system user guides online.

Help Protect Your Household with ADT in Atlanta

A booming metropolis at the heart of the southern United States, Atlanta is made up of 242 unique neighborhoods and home to a diverse population of more than 470,000 people—earning it the distinction of Georgia’s largest city.

With that amount of people and wide variety of regions, it’s wise to think about safety when considering a move to the ATL. To help equip you with everything you need to know about home security in Atlanta, we’ve compiled an ADT-backed guide to help you safeguard your Atlanta residence from property crime. To start off your life in a new city on the right foot, read through some of Atlanta’s rules and regulations on implementing a home security system in your household.

Register Home Security Alarms

To help lower the incidents of responding to false home security alarms, every Atlanta resident must register their home security alarm with the Atlanta Police Department. Register your Atlanta home security alarm, click here.

Ensure Your Alarms Help Atlanta

When you invest in a home security system, you get more than monitors, security cameras, and alarms. You also get quick access to the police in an emergency. This direct connection means your security system helps the police by quickly identifying crime scenes and, if you have security cameras, offering footage that can help resolve crimes like theft.

But false alarms—or instances where your alarm goes off but a crime hasn’t occurred—take a toll on the city’s resources and finances. They can also result in heavy fines. Read below to learn all about false alarms in Atlanta and what you can do to prevent them.

Why Do False Alarms Matter?

In 2012, the Atlanta Police Department responded to 65,000 security system alarm reports. Want to guess how many of those alarms were false alarms? The number isn’t quite 100%, but at a whopping 95%, the statistic isn’t much better.

Since many of these false alarms required a 911 call and visit from not just one but a handful of officers, they cost Atlanta’s emergency system time and money. They also draw officers away from real crimes that need to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

To help address the problem, the city of Atlanta implemented a false alarm reduction ordinance in 2013. Now, security system owners are required to register their alarm systems through CryWolf, a false alarm monitoring service that helps catalogue alarms and improve false alarm response and regulation efficiency.

Although Crywolf catalogues false alarms, the only group that can determine whether or not you’ll be issued a citation is the Atlanta Police Department. If you’re considering skipping out on registering, don’t—if you fail to register your system, you could be fined up to $150.

You can read through the entire Atlanta ordinance here.

Avoid These False Alarm Triggers

Want to avoid false alarms and the fines that go with them? The terms listed below are responsible for the majority of false alarms. To dodge fines, fees, and a nagging guilty conscience that comes from wasting police officers’ time, familiarize yourself with the top 6 reasons false alarms are triggered:

  • Pets. If you don’t have pet-immune motion sensors, your beloved furry family member could accidentally trigger an alert, resulting in one confused, loudly barking dog when the police show up in your absence.
  • Entering your code incorrectly. When a Protect Your Home professional installs your system, they will have you set a personalized code that lets you arm and disarm the system. Since burglars may try to stop the alarm by entering a code, using the wrong code two or more times might result in a call to the ADT Monitoring security center or police.
  • Failing to close windows and doors all the way. You might think you shut the front door all the way when you left for the morning, but if it didn’t shut completely, the wind blowing the door wider can trigger the alarm and a call to the local police station.
  • Placing objects near sensors. Like pets, large, bulky items can trigger motion sensors. For instance, holiday decorations that swirl when the heater kicks on can cause the motion sensors to falsely detect human motion.
  • Bad weather. Your alarm can stand up to most types of inclement weather, but strong winds, massive thunderstorms, and hurricanes could damage the system and cause it to send false alarms to local emergency responders.
  • Old equipment or batteries. Older equipment can malfunction, resulting in false alarms. In some old systems, dying batteries trigger the same reaction.

Want to Avoid Fines and False Alarms? Take These Precautions

In most cases, avoiding false alarms (and the associated fines) is straightforward and simple. Frustrated with your false alarms or new to a security system and want to do everything you can to avoid them? Here are 5 ways to avoid false alarms: 

  1. Memorize your code. Your code should be something easy for you to remember, but not easy enough that a burglar could easily guess it (like your birthday, or an easy series of numbers like 1111). If you worry about your memory, write the code down in a secure place that you can remember easily but that burglars can’t access, like on a note on your phone or in a locked drawer.
  2. Train family members to use the alarm correctly. If you have houseguests or children who disarm the system when they get home from school, make sure they know how to correctly arm and disarm your alarm. Otherwise, user error could result in a false alarm and fine.
  3. Keep an eye on your equipment. If you have a battery-powered security system, check the batteries and replace them as often as you do your smoke and carbon monoxide alarm batteries. If you rely on old equipment, consider upgrading to newer models.
  4. Invest in pet-immune sensors. Most pet-immune sensors will ignore motion from smaller pets. If you have larger pets, consider keeping them in an area free of motion sensors when you’re out.
  5. Place objects and decorations away from sensors. When you’re hanging wreaths or installing new pictures, make sure you’re not accidentally obscuring the motion detectors.

Know Before You Go: Atlanta Crime Map

Headed to Atlanta for your next big move? By studying the Atlanta crime rate across the various city neighborhoods, you can make an educated decision on choosing where to call home.

Like any major city, Atlanta is home to a diverse array of neighborhoods—from Atlantic Station to Cascade Heights—some booming with job opportunities or things to do, others with high cost of living or frequent incidents of crime. Take a peek at this local-inspired list to get a better idea of what you can expect.

Atlanta Crime Map

2017 Best Family-Friendly Atlanta Neighborhoods

When choosing a place to call home in Atlanta, there can be a lot to consider when it comes to finding that perfect spot for everyone in your household. Here are our Top 5 picks for family-friendly neighborhoods in Atlanta, based on proximity to quality education, walkability or driveability, greenspaces, and lower crime rates. Whether you prefer an urban feel, wide-open spaces, walkability, or historical significance, there’s a place for you and your family in Atlanta.

  1. Inman Park – With a population of just 4,000 and a walkability score of 88, Inman Park enjoys a serene and peaceful atmosphere filled with quaint homes, plenty of eateries, and the lush green space that gives it its name. Inman Park is also home to the 10/10 Zillow-rated Inman Middle School to educate your kiddos as they grow up.
  2. Midtown – A densely populated but pedestrian friendly neighborhood, Midtown is a top destination for building your family if you’re looking for a more lively environment. Coming in at #15 for school districts according to Niche and ripe with plenty of activities for the whole clan, Midtown is a fantastic option for families of all ages.
  3. North Decatur – Less expensive than its Decatur cousin and with a lower crime rate, North Decatur is a clear pick for Atlanta families. With its close proximity to downtown and central Decatur, North Decatur is equipped with quality schools, green spaces, and plenty of opportunities to teach your kids about Georgia’s history.
  4. Candler Park – Rich in history and home to the 55-acre namesake green space, Candler Park is an excellent choice to bring up your kiddos. Lin Elementary School even scores at a 10/10 Zillow rating. Plus, you can take the whole family to the annual Fall Fest to make fun, wholesome family memories.
  5. Mountain Park – Want a little more scenery and access to outdoor adventures? Look no further than Mountain Park, Atlanta’s charming suburb on the eastern side of the BeltLine. Give your kiddos plenty of room to grow and places to explore with the beautiful backdrop Mountain Park offers.

Atlanta Regions with Higher Incidents of Crime

Just as there are plenty of family-friendly neighborhoods in A-town, there are few regions to think twice about before packing up your bags. In fact, Atlanta was recently named one of America’s top murder capitals, according to FBI Uniform Crime Data.

But it’s possible to stay safer when you know what areas are best to avoid, including neighborhoods on the western end of Atlanta, such as Grove Park and Bankhead. For a detailed look into the crime statistics of specific Atlanta neighborhoods, visit the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

How to Help Prevent Property Crime in Atlanta

Potential criminals often scope out a home to look for vulnerabilities before making a burglary attempt. That’s why it’s important to keep your home appearing secure and consistently inhabited. Fortunately, there are some easy habits you can instill to make your Atlanta home less appealing to criminals on the lookout for their next target.

7 Ways to Guard Against Break-Ins with These Simple Safety Tips: 

  1. Leave it Illuminated: Keeping on a light or two is an easy deterrent for burglars seeking a sleuthy nighttime entrance. Going to be home after dark since you have plans to watch a play at Fox Theatre, but want it to appear as though you arrived home hours earlier? With ADT’s smart lighting system, you can flip on a light no matter where you are in Atlanta and beyond—directly from your smart phone.
  2. Install a Home Security System: Setting up a home security system has been found to help prevent robberies, according to a study by Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice. The study showed that even criminals intent on breaking into a particular home are likely to abandon their efforts upon discovering an installed security system. Lower the likelihood of a household intrusion at your Atlanta residence with an ADT monitored security system.
  3. Keep Doors Locked: This one might seem obvious, but it’s often taken for granted. Securing your doors and other entrances significantly decreases your chance of becoming a victim of Atlanta crime. What if you realize you forgot to lock the door when you’re already miles away?Smart door locks allow you to keep tabs on your front door no matter you are via the ADT Pulse® app.
  4. Trim Tall Trees: Don’t give criminals an easy way in. Tall trees near second-floor windows pose as a tempting option for someone looking to sneak into your home without getting caught. Keep trees and other foliage well groomed and away from windows to help prevent a break-in.
  5. Sign Up for Neighborhood Watch: A neighborhood watch program invites members of the community to sync up with law enforcement to keep an extra eye out for suspicious activity. To learn more about the Atlanta Police Department’s neighborhood initiatives, check out its community policing programs.
  6. Get to Know the Neighbors: Building relationships with your fellow streetmates means you’ll have extra sets of eyes to notice potential suspicious activity near your home. Plus, if you plan a longer vacation away from home, neighbors are a great source for taking out the trash and picking up the mail so your home maintains a lived-in look.
  7. Display Those Yard Signs: Have a home security system installed but don’t like the look of those yard signs? Although they might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, these unassuming yard signs may help to deter criminals. Simply place them in clearly visible locations around your home to instantly up the safety of your residence.

What Features can be Added to an ADT Monitored Home Security System in Atlanta?*

* Not all features are provided by Protect Your Home.

Once you’ve set up shop in the Big Peach, it’s time to take measures to protect your family and valuables by installing an ADT alarm system. Having remote control over your household is one great way to keep intruders at bay. The following ADT security Atlanta features can be accessed via the ADT app to help protect what matters most to you from almost any location.

Garage door control
With an ADT monitored garage door controller, you get unprecedented control over a major entrance to your home. Since a garage is both a great place to store common valuables—like bicycles, tools, and cars—and an easy access point to your home, it’s important to take every precaution when securing this sensitive area.

Smart door locks
You’ll never have to wonder if you accidentally forgot to lock your door while you’re running from activity to activity. From the ADT Pulse® app, you can verify whether you locked your door—and even lock it remotely from almost anywhere. That means you can increase your peace of mind about the security of your primary entrance as well as have the ability to let in a neighbor to water your plants or walk the dog while you’re on vacation.

Burglary monitoring
To round out the security and home automation features of your ADT-backed home, ADT offers burglary monitoring by trained professionals. With constant monitoring, you’ll never be alone in watching over your home. Professionals can alert you to potential dangers and contact emergency professionals for you—even if you’re miles away.

Remotely arm and disarm your alarm system
The ADT Pulse® app gives you total control over your entire Atlanta home security system—right from your fingertips. Choose “arm away” or “arm stay,” get notified about broken sensors, and even set up alerts when your home is unarmed, with this convenient app.

Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
Not every threat to your household is a human one. Excessive carbon monoxide levels are a silent and invisible danger that require consistent monitoring to help guarantee the air quality that you and your family breathe. ADT carbon monoxide detectors can sense an unhealthy rise in this toxic gas so you and your household can get to safety immediately.

Similarly, a fire can start small with only smoke as the telltale warning sign. But unless you’re in a nearby room, it could go undetected until it’s too late. With ADT smoke detectors, you’ll be the first to know about a fire threat and can gain life-saving minutes in an emergency.

Immediate emergency help
Once your ADT system senses and triggers sensor or alarm, ADT professionals will contact you or emergency personnel in the event that you are unable to answer. No matter what situation you are in, ADT is always ready to assist during an emergency.

Streamline Your Home with ADT Atlanta Home Automation

ADT home automation in Atlanta boosts the security and convenience of your household. Take a look at the following features to see just how streamlined your home can be. (Equipment and features may vary by state and provider. Please speak with a representative for available equipment in your area).

Speak to Alexa for voice-controlled automation
After your home has been filled with home security and automation equipment, you’re ready to take it to the next level with voice control. Amazon Echo’s Alexa(™)  connects with your security system features and allows you to control any setting with just the sound of your voice.

Multitask like never before, since you don’t have to put down what you’re doing to change a setting. Cooking up a meal while the oven is heating up the kitchen but don’t want to have to wash your hands to turn down the thermostat? Simply speak your desired changes to Alexa, and she’ll make the adjustments for you.

Video surveillance
Have an eye on the ground at home every moment of the day with ADT video surveillance. When paired with motion detectors, security cameras catch suspicious activity and alert you to potential danger—right through your smartphone. Plus, you can view photos of out-of-the-ordinary events so you can fully address threats as they happen.

See your doorstep from anywhere with an ADT Video Doorbell
With an ADT video doorbell, you can see and speak with, anyone who comes to your doorstep—even if you’re not there. Busy doing the dishes but want to tell a delivery person where to leave your long-awaited package?  Or, away on vacation to the Florida Keys but want to let in the neighbor check on your cat? No matter your location, appear present to potential burglars or available to friends and family with an ADT video doorbell.

Smart thermostat
ADT has a solution for those sweltering Atlanta summers. Smart thermostats help you save money by adapting settings to your routine in the most efficient way. Normally turn down the air a couple degrees when you’re headed to sleep? Turn the heat up in the morning while you’re getting ready for work? ADT smart thermostats observe and memorize your daily habits and adapt settings to your routine. You’ll help the environment and save on utilities by using less energy over time.

Remote lighting control
Headed to a post-work dinner and know you’ll be home after dark? Use the ADT app to switch on a light or two from your smartphone once the sun goes down. You’ll come home to a safely lit household and decrease your chances of becoming the victim of a property crime, whether you live in Midtown or Adamsville.

Personalized settings
With an ADT monitored security system, there’ll be no need to tweak the same settings for your needs every day. Design custom settings specifically for your unique lifestyle without lifting a finger throughout the day. Automated security settings allow for an efficient routine, giving you added time to think about the most important parts of life.

Living Safely in Atlanta

Overall, we’d say with a well-chosen neighborhood and a home equipped with a time-tested ADT monitored security system by America’s #1 security company, Atlanta makes for a fantastic destination for long-term living. Packed with security and home automation features, ADT Monitoring’s top-of-the-line security will help keep you and your family safe no matter where you call home.


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