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[New Report] 73% of Americans Aren’t Afraid of Porch Pirates, But Studies Show They Should Be

Here’s How to Save Hundreds This Season by Avoiding These Holiday Thieves

As more people shop for deals and purchase gifts online this Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season, front-porch package theft—perpetrated by “porch pirates”—is reported to be on the rise, too.

Most home security systems can help keep the valuables in your household from being stolen, but how about those which haven’t yet made it inside?

To dig a little deeper, the team at conducted a groundbreaking 2017 Package Theft Study among 500 U.S. homeowners, ages 17-54. The new study revealed that 73% of Americans believe their porch is a safe place for package deliveries.

However, despite that confidence, 71 million Americans had packages stolen from their front porches in 20161 . As online shopping becomes more common, this number is likely to continue to increase. Should Americans be more concerned about protecting their deliveries?


Black Friday Stolen Packages Infographic

A Look at the Numbers

You might feel pretty safe starting your online holiday shopping over Black Friday weekend and trusting your package deliveries to the safety of your front porch. But should you? Let’s take a peek at some national statistics:

  • Americans spend an average of 22% more on online purchases over the Black Friday weekend than during other times of the year.
  • 71 Million Americans had a package stolen in the last year.
  • 74 percent of packages were stolen from the front porch during the day while the homeowner was at work.2
  • 108 million shopped online for Black Friday weekend in 2016, which was 5 million more than in 2015.3
  • The average priciest online purchase across Americans’ lifetimes is $520.
  • Shoppers spent more than $5 billion online over Black Friday weekend in 2016.4

Black Friday Package Theft

How to help prevent Black Friday front-porch package theft:

  • Order early. Seasoned thieves are on high alert during the holiday season, especially right after the Black Friday weekend. To avoid being a target, take advantage of early bird sales online—or buy at the store to avoid the threat altogether.
  • Enlist the Neighbors. Ask your neighbors to keep an extra eye out when you’re expecting an important package, or enroll in your local Neighborhood Watch program for even more peace of mind.
  • Sign Up for Amazon Key. You’ll no longer have to miss meetings at work to meet a delivery person at home for an anticipated item. With the Amazon Key, drivers from the online megastore can enter your home with your permission to leave your package just inside the door.
  • Install a Doorbell Camera. Not only does a Doorbell Camera add a layer of security to your home’s entrance, it can also monitor the activity on your front stoop, allowing you to tell a delivery person to leave the package in a safer location.
  • Use a Smart Mailbox. With the ability to sync to your smartphone, a smart mailbox can sense motion and alert you when your mailbox opens, helping you keep track of both deliveries and suspicious activity—and keep your package protected from the elements.

If snagging the best Cyber Monday deals is at the top of your list this season, go for it! Just make sure to prepare your home before hitting that one-click purchase option. With the right precautions in place, you can enjoy a protected, convenient online holiday shopping experience. From all of us at Have a safe and happy holiday season!


1. According to our study, which has a standard error of 3.64%
2. According to August Home’s 2016 Package Theft Report
3. According to CNN Money
4. According to Adobe

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