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3 Clever Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Security

Most home security tips are obvious: lock and bolt your doors whenever you leave the house, close and lock your windows, and install a high-quality home security system. But intuitive actions aren’t the only ones you can take to protect your home. Try the clever tricks below to make your home more secure than ever before.

  1. Add a Hidden Door

A few years ago, a YouTube user uploaded a video of her home that gave viewers a look at its secret entrance. The woman had added in a door that seamlessly blends in with the home’s siding. The handle is masked as the outdoor spigot that looks completely real but isn’t hooked up to the plumbing.

The door itself is made of sturdy, affordable fiberglass with a red cedar wood frame. Smartest of all, the door is automated so the homeowner can lock the deadbolt automatically from any room in the house.

  1. Hide Your Key in Uncommon Spots

By now, most people—including burglars—know about hollow rocks and upturned pots that mask keys. Instead of hiding your key in an obvious location, like under the mat or beneath or plastic rock, try these more creative hiding spots:

  • A birdhouse. Hook the key beneath the birdhouse or right inside of it. Of course, the birdhouse trick only works if the birdhouse looks like a natural part of your yard, so fill it with seed that attracts local birds.
  • The doghouse. If your dog has an outdoor kennel, find a clever spot inside to store the key. Just make sure your dog won’t be able to dig up and play with—or snack on—the key.
  • Beneath the outdoor air conditioning unit. If there are gaps between the air conditioner’s cement base and the unit itself, you might be able to tuck a key out of sight.
  1. Leave Out Decoy Items

Most casual thieves only spend a few minutes inside a home. Unless they’ve spent time casing the property, they’ll usually break in when the owners are away, grab the most expensive items they see, and dash away.

Since thieves will snag the first items they come across, consider leaving out decoy items that thieves will snatch instead. For instance, if you have an old laptop you no longer use, consider setting it an obvious position on the kitchen island—thieves who don’t look particularly closely will nab the decoy computer instead of searching through your possessions for a better laptop.

Of course, this strategy only works if you put away your expensive items like laptops and jewelry before you leave the house.

Do you have other clever ideas for enhancing your home’s security? Share them in the comment section below!

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