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Jordan Frankel Has Earned His Title as Security Sensei

Featured on Fox News and Oprah, the Security Sensei is making a name for himself in the home security industry. As an individual who offers customized home invasion training, the Security Sensei helps families, people living alone, and single parents devise plans for home invasion situations. You can even book the Security Sensei to come straight to your home.

Who is the Security Sensei?

Security Sensei Jordan Frankel, the founder of Global Security Experts, has earned his title. His client list includes the American Stock Exchange, the Department of Defense, Boeing, Best Buy, the Jimmy Carter Presidential Center, and the U.S. military. His organization gives training and lifesaving tools to families and individuals living alone, so if they experience a home invasion, they will know what to do.

How does the Sensei’s training work?

From Frankel’s training, families can learn how to use household items for self-defense, how to flee their home in a safe manner, or how to hide in a predetermined safe place. All training is typically done at the client’s home, so families can learn how to react to a home invasion with training customized for their own needs and their own home.

What the Security Sensei offers:

· Personal home security inspections

· Customized one-on-one training

· Design and construction of saferooms

Why does the Sensei do it?

At the end of the day, Frankel hopes to make homeowners aware of the possibility of a home invasion and help them prepare a game plan for what to do. According to Frankel, homeowners are vulnerable to attack from burglars and violent home invaders through no fault of their own. He has seen how families are lulled into a false sense of security by buying ineffective security products. That vulnerability inspired him to create this specialized training.

If you are a safety enthusiast who wants to be fully prepared for any home invasion scenario, taking classes from the Security Sensei may be a great option for you. However, the sense of security is not without its price, with classes costing $3,500 per day. Luckily, the Security Sensei also answers questions for free and you can contact him here.

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