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This Home Invasion Reminds Us That No Valuables are Worth Your Life

In 2010, a private residence in Jeremy Ranch, Utah was invaded by an armed trio, who robbed two occupants at gunpoint. These burglars woke the residents, bound them to chairs with duct tape, and demanded a large amount of cash.

The average burglar is not looking for a confrontation and will typically run away from the scene if they get surprised by a homeowner they didn’t know was home or someone returning during the burglary.

The three armed criminals who invaded the Jeremy Ranch home and demanded cash weren’t concerned about a confrontation with homeowners. Armed home invaders are prepared for violence and in many instances won’t hesitate to assault or otherwise harm people.

Law enforcement professionals recommend a high-level of cooperation with armed invaders, particularly when the items they seek are insured or can be replaced. It’s clear the homeowners in the Jeremy Ranch incident cooperated, as the robbers left with the cash they were looking for.

The worst thing a person can do in this situation is to underestimate the potential for violence. Unlike the burglar who’s looking for “quick and quiet,” the armed invader is there to take whatever he wants and isn’t concerned about being detected.

Armed home invaders aren’t necessarily intent on inflicting harm, so cooperating with them is the best option for staying safe and getting them to leave as quickly as possible. A review of your homeowners insurance with your insurance agent is a great idea and an opportunity to add further insurance to protect the more valuable items in your house. Remember, there are no valuables in your home worth your life.

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