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What do Home Owners Buy the Most?

What do home owners care about the most?

A quick look at the best selling home safety items on Amazon gives us some surprising insights. Turns out that home owners care the most about safety and – are you ready for this? – noise. Noise! Of all things, noise-cancelling items are filling out the best sellers page on Amazon for home improvement under safety and security.

Really. Right now four of the top 20 best selling items are energy usage monitors or systems, while four additional best sellers are earmuffs or earplugs.

The rest of the items vary among personal safety items – thermal blankets, safety goggles, carbon monoxide alarms, and locks/safes. Then, if you go to the next level of category for Amazon best selling items (looking under just home improvement), a surprising thing happens: people no longer care about the safety of their ears or about the level of carbon monoxide in their homes.

What do home owners really care about? Light bulbs and water filters. Take a look for yourself.

It’s interesting to see which items are selling the most for home improvement, and to see how world events (like the recent hurricane on the East US coast) impact trends.

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