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Five Ways to Add Storage Space to Your Home

Everyone has heard about hanging shoe racks on the back of the door to save space, but there are more ways to use every last nook and cranny in your home effectively. Here are five ways you may not have thought about to utilize all of your living space.

  • 5. Stair Drawers New Yorkers certainly know how to use up every bit of room in their apartments, mostly because there isn’t any room to spare. New York Design Team ‘Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture’ put in a set of stairs with drawers hidden in them in an East Village Studio, taking “dead” space and turning it into something useful.
  • 4. Hidden Panels What are you doing with the space under your bathtub? Most likely, you’re wasting a lot of room just hiding pipes with fancy surroundings. Magnetic panels make good doors into spaces where you can put cleaning supplies and other assorted products. Just make sure you don’t hinder any of the plumbing under there. This tool can also be applied to other areas in the house where space is going unused.
  • 3. Add a Shelf Above the Door There is usually wasted space found above door frames, so why not use it? Putting in a shelf or cabinet above there can give you more room to put things and still not block your exits. This is a good place to store seasonal items or whatever you don’t use frequently.
  • 2. Limit Hinge Doors Installing a sliding door, often called a pocket door, can give you some additional room. The pocket door goes into the wall, so you don’t have to work around a swinging door, which can open up a room. This is usually best to do when building a new home or remodeling since it would otherwise involve demolishing a wall.
  • 1. Hidden Dreams Sure, you can slide boxes under your bed, but what about under the mattress itself? There typically isn’t enough room there, but IKEA now has a mattress with a base that lifts up for the space underneath to be used for storage.
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